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A heart exam patient 13 years, men leave the countryside languish as teacher

The Lunar New Year holiday was going, Cao Xiangfan teachers recently went from the third high school in hanshou County, started a busy new year's tutor. There have been 13 entrance through newspaper reports of "King of the college entrance examination", in addition to teaching in normal school, now a hot tutor in Changsha, has a full schedule of work and rest.
Weekly roundtrip hanshou and changde, Changsha, face an easy smile. "The past is the identity of the farmer, tutor only barefoot teachers. Turn right now, I have been a high school teacher. "Cao Xiangfan, told reporters with a smile.
2010 from Hunan hanshou County Police Academy graduates embark on hometown middle school teaching position after the third, Cao Xiangfan has served as the junior and senior political and geographical course of classroom teachers, 12 classes a week, evening 6 self-study lessons. Every Saturday night, he will ride arrived at Cheung Sha, continues his work in city tutors, tutoring classes all day on Sundays, at 6 o'clock in the morning on Monday, and rushed to the bus station by bus, hanshou class. Winter and summer holidays "bubble" in Changsha, concentrate on tutoring. "Between Changsha and hanshou, accustomed to, tired but very fulfilling. "Cao Xiangfan introduced this winter, he will stay in Changsha to the 14 day.
This year's family reunion for the first time 15 years ago, because of family financial difficulties, Cao Xiangfan side tutoring the college entrance exam in Changsha, tutoring his subsistence income, today, this situation is slowly changing. His income, he scolds reporter accounts: school basic salary plus performance pay 2000 Yuan a month or so; Changsha tutor, approximately 6000 Yuan a month, winter and summer vacation more, money enough to improve the living conditions of the family.
Stability also makes life to be stable, between husband and wife relationship better, increasing happiness, more importantly hanging heart finally secure. The past few years, Cao Xiangfan's wife has been working in Shenzhen, three children have two at home, one mother-in-law home. "This year, the wives back home, son was taken back, the family finally happy! "Cao Xiangfan said.
Entrance to let him turn Cao Xiangfan, 13 time exam experience, he was known as "contemporary fan Chin", "entrance nail houses", and a lot of rural children, he was only passing the college entrance examination out of rural areas, went into the city, more than 10 years, is a kind of rigid. Family process, questions have been put to him: "your score is not prominent, what parents will let you come to counselling the children? "He replied:" it's like coach's relationship with athletes, Liu's coach Liu Xiang ran faster. "" Through hard work and effort, knowledge changed my life "," Let me turn the college entrance examination, "... ... These often hung Cao Xiangfan word of mouth, release reflects his State of mind. "As long as the attachment to do one thing, and try to be perfect and extreme, perhaps at the same time help others fulfill itself, persistent change fate. "Cao Xiangfan concludes the journey over the years. BACK