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Counting five for first employment, then the examination discipline

Grinding is a good thing, but not all of the people and learn any professional people suitable for the examination, must be analyzed. Meanwhile, in PubMed, make sure to understand the community's needs and characteristics of knowledge, or it will backfire, resulting in higher education less of a gap in the employment rate.
Many students at junior or temporary blind reason, went to College and found he didn't like or not fit to study undergraduate major. So, just want to grind to change once the wrong choice. In fact, more or less in one's life we all make mistakes, some mistakes can be avoided, while others can be adjusted, however, there are some error too late anyway, in the grind of the road, too. Cross-exam education teacher reminds students, combining the characteristics of knowledge and the discipline itself, articles have to be studying professional knowledge and their characteristics and associated with application and prospect in the future. Here's to the next 5 largest suitable employment and then grind introduces the subject of, after reading the following text, I hope everyone will have a judgment of their own.
Engineering majors a lot of engineering majors are some of the strong professional background, candidates must be combined with social employment actually and the characteristics of professional judgment seriously, not suitable for immediate examination option. Even if you choose to grind, also should be honed to practice for several years, then returned to graduate class. Engineering is to train students in technical and technological level of operation is very professional, it is a bridge between science and engineering, is to link scientific research results into industrial and agricultural production. Engineering Professional names are often not "learn", but a "technical", "project" and "scientific" as a suffix, or directly to the technical name. Such as computer technology, communication engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, materials science, mechanical, electrical, electronic, automation, construction, petrochemical, and so on. Engineering major is established pursuant to the needs of national economic construction, the industry needs a strong practical ability and background, so is not suitable for select articles now, students can start to practice to hone a few years later and returned to graduate in the classroom. We recently learned that a piece of news on the social practice of college students: one a key University of science and technology students participate in social practice, when working with the workers against the screws are screwed, the worker sighed: "the University has nurtured so college students, how to find a job?! "Therefore, the study of engineering students must themselves and social realities need to be linked together, establish a real starting point for yourself, to blindly select graduate.
Education majors to train teachers in particular, training teachers for education as the main target, at the time of deciding whether to grind, the students should be careful. Teaching profession is a very strong practical work requires not only the teachers have more professional knowledge and constantly sum up teaching practice to obtain teaching experience is particularly important.
Undergraduate students for education learning, better get some teaching experience and choose to grind again, can become the first teaching experience for the future, have a high level of theoretical research of compound talents of long term personal career development plan in China, such persons are relatively scarce. According to for many elementary and middle schools including some famous elementary and middle schools carried out of survey found, in many of school, teaching line of teachers of teaching level is high, but theory research level is is low; another a is contrary, in University in of graduate, and Professor are, education theory level is high, but is distance actual of teaching is distant, by wrote of education works on today of education teaching often is "across boots flexible itch". Hence became engaged in teaching people not to engage in teaching and research, while those engaged in scientific research of education but often do not engage in teaching, teaching and scientific research in the field of education is seriously out of, and really can do a combination of both is rare. This widespread phenomenon thought to today's College students majoring in education. So, reading education major students can consider do not grind immediately after graduation, may wish to select students, into the classroom, established a good basis for development for yourself.
Some focus on professional practice in the language and literature classes such as journalism, language classes and other professional, you need to practice, study, training, look at how many well-known journalists from training out of the classroom. Therefore, the professional should first like journalism to social practice, exercise a few years later, according to their development needs to decide whether the examination, so that it can be well together practice and theory. In across test of excellent students in the, some such of case: small Lotus students University news learn professional graduated Hou no immediately select grind, but select has to news units employment, through tireless to work, years down not only work excellent, and in more than newspaper published has large of articles, which in national Chinese journals Shang published of has effect of articles on has seven or eight article, is she work career heyday of moments, through science note wish test into has a famous University of news learn graduate, good of knowledge accumulated, And rich journalism background, soon makes her stand out, and finally finish with honors, was a big newspaper immediately "grab". As Xiao Lu student, graduated from Beijing second foreign language University Arabic professional, she chose not to graduate school after graduation, but saw the reality of current domestic shortage in the Arabic, apply for the national water and electricity company to go to Libya. She was ready to work for a year or two, then get a good exercise and secondly, also saved a considerable income, return to college graduate, then prepared to engaged in teaching and research in universities.
Financial professional the professional practical training, skills, talents, and social demand, thus making it more suitable for work and then grind. For example, professional accounting and related branches, setting up such major colleges at 90% even greater demand for it professionals, but for students who are learning this type of professional, employer on the financial needs of the community far greater than the number of people engaged in teaching and research personnel. And the reality is, many financial institutions have graduates of training capacity and quality, and actually needs a lot of work, if you select articles immediately after graduation, will be far different from the actual needs. Previously encountered such a real-life examples: Wang was a graduate from the universities of undergraduate students, he is smart, grind immediately after graduation, rather than employment. He starts from a small business accounting, because he is a hard working, will soon be familiar with all aspects of the accounting profession, often hailed by business owners, professional skills is also rising, after a few years he was a well-known large enterprises "poaching", and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer.
Employers in recruitment when they will generally ask for financial major candidates have years of work experience, so immediately after graduating students of this class is not suitable for selected articles, preferably in the grind again after working for some time in order to have a better development. Interested students, seen here can be found the "new world": his major is suited for grind, employing your major surfing information, look at this professional needs to have the knowledge of what kind of conditions. Or you can go to the recruitment scene to understand the professional requirements. So be aware of in order to make a realistic decision.
Has saturated or excess subject professional one middle school physical teachers, due to think in small County Dang middle school teachers teaches too poor too lonely, wants to change about himself of status, so on resigned from has original official post of teachers career, candidates registered for the has Northwest a well-known University University of law graduate, can until graduated Hou only found, law subject direction graduate already overcrowding, not only lost has original of work, new of employment post and find not to, last only joined to has "unemployment" of ranks, another conspiracy to way. Currently 99% in China's colleges and universities have set up legal and other professional, if you choose this type of professional articles, that is a "no return". You may perhaps think that made this analysis, first in law and other major institutions, high threshold, threshold, and as far as the law, if the choice of lawyers, then it must be a lawyer qualification certificates, this grind is much more difficult to obtain. If you want to avoid the errors made by secondary school teachers, it is necessary to pay more attention to the current articles by dynamic, achieve mutual understanding. BACK