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Hidden secret behind college entrance examination 0 points essay

End of each year the college entrance examination, appears on the Internet a bunch of funny zero essay, in this regard, the evaluation of netizens are not the same. In fact, some zero essay writing is smooth and reasonable, candidate is not lack of literary talent. Facing such an article, many users complain for the students, how should not be zero, and college entrance exam composition to zero or not is still marking marking the teacher says. Therefore, after zero compositions of these funny, smile, do you think about reasons to frequent zero compositions of college entrance examination?
College entrance examination 0 points essay, first of all are the attitudes of many zeros composition candidates feel bad anyway, simply to fool the teacher, so does not make sense to write one. Marking teacher and some of them are wanted after seeing angry, dumb ideas to write.
For example, Guangdong volume 2009 general college entrance exam composition entitled "common sense", a candidate to write the teacher, do you have any common sense? ":" Saying long sigh to hide his tears, and grieve over the livelihood of many difficulties. People as a test generation, goes to school every day makes me feel very silent...... "this article, language is full of irony and anger. Candidates who get a kick, however, the effect on college entrance examination is very large. We all know that in the volume of Chinese composition of components, despite the candidates ' writing ability is not good, but as long as you write will not be zero. And the college entrance examination, 1 minutes are very important. Is therefore worth noting that examinee attitude honestly.
College entrance examination 0 points essay, from the theme of "tinkering"
In fact, as long as you look at the college entrance examination 0 points essay, is not difficult to find, mostly failed to understand the main idea of writing, ran a theme; or topic is not healthy.
For example, the 2009 Beijing the volume composition of the I have a pair of invisible wings, the candidates in first himself into a dove and lost his wings, lost freedom, finally talked about extending to the network, and pointed out that the only free virtual worlds can be found on the Web. Many users think this article's rich imagination, flowing style of writing, the main purpose of striking, what should not be zero, but if you want to, the ideas expressed by the candidates subject not healthy, does not meet the requirements for composition in the exams. Therefore, read a teacher directly to zero without effort. The candidate is very hard to write so much, but the result is zero, one regret. Thus it can be seen, not only to grasp the theme for composition in the exams, and to have a healthy subject, otherwise everything will be scrapped.
College entrance examination 0 points essay, candidates who don't pursuit in recent years, the college entrance examination 0 points essay, has set off heated debate over all: shocking, funny, absurd. Some candidates may be worshipped in these articles, also played his own composition in zero online being the topic of comedy. In fact, this phenomenon is now to a large extent candidates to pursue individuality doesn't know any better.
For example, in the 2009 volume of Jiangsu Province as an example of the fashion, according to the customary thinking, the questions just want students to interpret in your own eye of fashion, but a candidate happens to makers blaming teacher points out in the volume entitled "get kicked by a donkey? With water? Frozen? Short circuit? In any case, must be brain dead. "Candidates on the test vent made people laugh heartily, and eventually became a zero" hero. "
Thus, examinees still need to recognize the importance of college entrance exam, exam seriously. Stop trying to take the college entrance examination express their personal ideas, talking about the criticism of this, not to hold "grandstanding" attitude, after all, college entrance examination is an important turning point.
College entrance exam just around the corner, and urge candidates to come up with the right attitude, literature is also used on the right. Try to play a good level in the entrance examination to get good grades. BACK