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Parents ' interpretation of the modern version of "Meng Mu moved three" underachievers advance into South

Elementary school first grade last semester, Tao Lingfeng in sixian County of Anhui Province is home to spend with my parents, parents do a small business, living very wealthy, also put up a building. But their read-only to high school, didn't go to College regrets of Tao fathers don't want to continue this kind of life. Everything that he put down his hometown, with his wife and children came to Nanjing rental he most like to work from the beginning. "For my son to have good education (micro-blogging) environment. "A thought, let dad hard pottery for more than 10 years. This year, 17-year old son Tao Lingfeng, Nanjing University (microblogging) applied arts intensive early admission. Tao father regrets, his interpretation of these years is the modern version of "Meng Mu moved three" all comes from a love of words.
Pottery PA "three"
2001 "one move":
From buildings to rent for his son in December 2011, Tao Daddy said goodbye to their buildings to Pukou, Nanjing started "one move", lived in a rented house, and began to work, owners of small businesses, Tao Lingfeng Anhui sixian Pier Town Center primary school also go to Taishan of Nanjing Pukou elementary school first grade primary school next semester. "Rent the House, but I've been worried about children growing up College do. "Small ceramics grades Daddy happy in Nanjing. When small children, my father always ask how I'm feeling, sometimes fluctuates, let him express his reasons. "He is very spiritual, will soon be able to find out why scores go up. "But what pottery dad is not in the specific guide on the topic of son, let him think for themselves.
2002 "two move":
Do not card when he bought the House, have been for the whole family "two move" preparing the end of 2002, no certificate at the Pukou bought a cheap house, lived until little clay junior high school. "If the son has been studying in Nanjing, facing entrance to the province's problems. "He increases the intensity, and left home to go to Shanghai shop, trying to save money to buy a House moved to Nanjing to sons account. Unexpectedly, the later a problem when buying a House, bought a House do not permit move is not on the account. Small pottery on the junior high school, puberty, always wanted to be first. But Dad does not like a kid like him analyzing failure, only encourages him, "at the same level, you are most likely out in front on the line. "Dad was composed by Xiao Tao, but became the best grades.
2008 "three":
Selling and borrowing to buy a house in 2008, Xiao Tao on the third day, facing increased, Tao Jia's "three times" has entered a countdown stage. Xiao Tao think of Nanjing city to read 29, bridge near the North 150 buses will be able to drive to 29. "I would like to buy a House here, but financially can't stand also asked relatives to take the money. "In this way, the home House sell, has lived in Pukou House is sold and, finally, back debts, but the son fell in Nanjing. To pay so much for her son, that have seen multiple grades? Unexpectedly, the pottery of father to son tube has come loose, just tell him, based on the community in the future, to Frank rendering, be big enough.
Pottery plate, moving father and son went to Nanjing University to just as a dream, and now, before the college entrance examination, son six months in advance to get the South accepted.
On January 1, 2012 and 2nd son returns, Xiao Tao to 29 Chinese ranking the second, recommended by the school to take arts classes at Nanjing University, admitted the good news was received by mid-January, immediately to the South and went to school. But when in high school, it was a fun boy ranked. He said, is to live up to his father's trust, he can be so hard.
Khao NaN: the cross and the Socratic dialogue, talking about Tiger mother wolf Daddy "on January 1 and 2nd for a written test and interview. Number three written language, 150 points. 2.5-hour exam in Chinese, mathematics and a foreign language test for 2 hours. "Tao Lingfeng feels tight hard above the entrance. Final results, his predominant subject in high school math but no Chinese did well. "This may be related to my writing. "Tao Lingfeng said.
Essay topics and the Socratic dialogues, little clay his embodiment of a "cynical", dialogue with the death of Socrates. Tao Lingfeng for Socrates in the composition grew, and Socrates was an elder, "angry young men" from anger to be enlightened, are philosophical. Usually, composition is not good Tao Lingfeng actually has its own characteristics, do not take the path of my essays, like history, like politics, love thinking, coincided with the election of the South direction.
"The first question he was asked in English to the Tiger and Wolf Daddy. "The morning of January 2, Tao Lingfeng attended the interview, alone with 5 examiners. An examiner will ask questions in English, made him a little nervous. Problem is related to one of the most popular Tiger Wolf father and mother, the teacher asked him, what kind of parents are good parents. He said parents want to give their children under certain constraints, and there should be free of conditions. "I was a bit nervous, my heart, my parents are the best parents, they gave me the most conducive to the easing of the growth of the environment. "
High school has a rebellious, again rose to Tao Lingfeng for parents when it was admitted 29 of the result is not good, more than 50 students in his class he ranked thirty or forty. "Was very fun, arrived at the high school when I first left home to live on campus is not conscious, there is not much time spent learning, exams are in tow. "But my parents didn't blame him. High school class to the new liberal arts classes, math representative Yuan Liang Xiao Tao asked him to found their own, Assistant. Tao Lingfeng math scores were not good, he thought, why not use the opportunity to push yourself to the representative of as an Assistant math this weakness well? Since Tao Lingfeng became Deputy math class representative, his performance was improved, it has become the class of the top two.
In order to give his son a better learning environment,, dad was ready to "move four", to rent a house next to the kids at school. Did not think little clay select 6:00 every morning departure by bus to the school, night bus back to North Bridge House. "More quiet at home, could learn a little more. "
Tao says dad, not like many parents conclude all kinds of cultural model of the child's education, his children know it, a word "love", to let the children get a good education, others look at the child's own efforts. BACK