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Study abroad information: looking at potential future global professional

As the winter went by, many students who study abroad dreams have started preparing to study abroad. However, many professional, what professional award-favorite? What professional and enduring?
The world's hottest professional:
Nursing profession is never unemployed throughout the world career. As the population ages, nurses are scarce. By 2020, the United States will take 2.8 million full-time nurses. In Australia, the nurse becomes the most scarce, returns and high professional. No matter in which country, nursing graduates find employment within 4 months of graduation rate of 97%, after nursing graduates registered nursing qualification, the first annual average salary of 250,000 yuan.
Paid professional of the future:
Hotel management is one of the world's top industries in recent years on the international market, the hotel management talent shortage situation occurred. While the job market in China, with more and more international events held in China frequently, our hotel business model will be in the form of rapid development, an urgent demand for hotel management talents begin to emerge. Ten million annual salary of executives in China career ranked sixth.
Most potential professional:
Tourism is now the world's fourth-largest tourist destination, and is the world's sixth-largest tourism consumer. The rapid development of China's tourism industry, tourism management talent puts greater demand and higher standards. In Australia and the United States and the United Kingdom and other countries and encourage overseas students to study at local tourism management, and employment after graduation for these students and immigrants with better conditions.
Of course, some sensible college graduate would select on their own original professional further education. For example, computer, accounting, and today are still very popular and has a very good professional development prospects. BACK