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Home tutor is risky, to see through scams and bad attempt

Home tutoring and groom teaching female students between teachers and female students tutor for female college students tutor and students, there are some safety hazards and risks, tutor for the majority of female college students and parents of female students to learn how to protect yourself, see through scams. Let us listen to female students tutoring experience oral: male tutor put me to bed late at night with drunk!
Whenever I talk about it on feel extremely ashamed, even thought it was spots of my life.
I live in an ordinary small town parents up in the clothing business in the city, life was not too rich, but not the worst. I have a sister, have graduated to work.
My mother and father wanted a son, but I was a girl. But God gives us both the elder sisters a pretty face. Neighbors called me and my sister, "sisters". Not only that, our learning is also great. So was the special loved.
I was particularly clever, and rising academic achievement. But for three years, suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed. Crazy review process made my head swim. Always cheerful and lively, I started to get some blue.
In the face of crisis of the college entrance examination, parents send me a generous top tutors. Lake rumors said the man tutors had been coaching many students admitted to the University. Dad takes prices to please him to give me guidance.
Male family name Xu, told me to call him on the line, that we age, teachers felt a little awkward.
I see a little bit of felt butterflies beating wildly at the first glance. Because he was so handsome. With wit and described him not to. The funny thing is, saying that these people joke that we are a perfect match.
But this is the tragedy begins. Because he was so handsome, and every action charming, listening to him I got no counseling. I am not willing to let Dad for tutoring. I admit that I flirt, but which girl seen dudes not enchanted.
Entrance examination is still two months away when grandfather lived in the country all of a sudden illness in hospital, my father is my only child, and he quickly took my mother to the hospital to take care of Grandpa.
The atmosphere seemed relaxed, Xiao Xu began and I talk about things other than learning. Asked if I had a boyfriend or something. I said I have never been in love. Small very excited, stared at me for a long time.
The next night, little came a little bit late, I almost fell asleep, heard a small bang bang bang knocking on doors, I said through the door so late tomorrow, and then counseling, a small door that you and I have something for you.
Mengang open, he saw Xiao Xu, a big cake full of deep feeling in his hands and standing in front of me. He said that today is your birthday, I am your teacher, and your good friends, bring a cake to you can't see outside.
Haha, I was moved almost silly. Took the cake quickly invited him into the House, and then couldn't stop hugging him. Moment, I was a bit overwhelmed, little down his backpack, inside and pulled out two bottles of red wine and a few packs of fast food, saying, I have for you a happy birthday.
A few drinks broke, my face started to hot up, slightly like a glow. Little I look particularly attractive at that time. He also sang the song happy birthday to you, he and I chatted about exams and personal topics.
Already more than one o'clock in the morning, then more and more excited, I had a case of beer from the refrigerator.
About two o'clock in the morning, when I say I'm a little sleepy, sleepy. Little says you are not safe at home, or I will accompany you until the morning. Though my heart still feels a little out of place, but I could not prevent a small cast sheep's eyes.
I said I go take a shower, you go to the bedroom next door. Xiao Xu said. When I was wrapped in a towel, a small drink. And pretending to be dizzy at me smirking. Also, I think his smile look more attractive.
When he looked up, eyes just fell on my white neck, I felt his eyes a bit blurred. He slowly stood up and walked in front of me, his hands instantly on my shoulders, and then crawled in my ear saying, baby, I'm in love with you.
I was a bit confused, followed by alcohol breath of anesthesia, and he spoke out in the heat, I was unable to control. But at the moment I will push him, I said, no little, us too suddenly.
Small continued to drunk, embraces me tightly, he said, since I see you falling in love with you at first sight. I would have lost control, and can see that you had feelings for me. Don't you want to own the best things for the love you, you love the person.
With that, a small panic I will sleep with the bedroom. After a struggle and the piercing pain, I began to cry.
Small tightly hugged me and said, I'm sorry, he drinks too much. But he will love me. I have only cried and nodded vigorously. I successfully completed the examination results is good. But because of the little bit of work, I went to University, we started very little contact. Later also slowly dispersed. But that night, and I will never forget. BACK