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Test anxiety in interpretation of China's education

In China, the "test" has been a serious, somewhat heavy topic. Challenge the exam, it is difficult to control emotions free, joy, sadness, anxiety, anxiety, disappointment ... ... Desperate people could even pessimistic, on suicide are not turning back.
Once read an article about test anxiety psychotherapy to view articles, the author has worked for 12 years at Frankfurt University students ' psychological consultation Center A.Gerlach Dr. He wrote in the article, as well as many Chinese students, Germany fear is also a common phenomenon in the examination for students; in his reception of visitors every year, there is always some students seeking help is designed to in the treatment of long or short, resolving conflicts associated with test anxiety.
In fact, a lot of cross-cultural research. In many articles, it is not difficult to see that, in spite of the very different social and cultural environment, examinations and related to the rational and irrational conflict still share everything affects everyone. In other words, we are unable to test-related excitement, joy or disappointment, the sad message of isolation from the world. Therefore, perspective examination many of the associated unlock exam conflicts, it becomes everyone's life history, spiritual growth must be carefully handled and could not avoid the "complex".
Quiz--life unbearable weight normally, more formal psychological counseling and guidance, at the right time on the Advisory Group and the statistics of the previous paragraph, to grasp the problems of the corresponding group, necessary and timely psychological intervention and maintenance work. Author visits several well-known psychological consultation and service centre found that regardless of primary and middle school students or college students, test pressure is still quite prominent problems.
China Fujian province had series occurred number up failed students jumped into the suicide event, similar event in Changchun also has occurred; Hebei Luan Metro one is participate in entrance of three girls, for psychological pressure had big to jumped to psychological free, thanks to police timely found, managed to rescue; Shanxi linfen steel group children primary school of five grade students, left "pressure too big has" of Swan Song Hou hanged himself in died; Nanjing one second of boys falls died, 14 age juvenile no left any suicide, some only is Pocket in the yet finished of papers... … Young life gone, leaving too many sad entrance is midway in life, why do they go so firm?
Left of people has forever to left, they with to we of except heartache, and sorry zhiwai, also let we thought those is was troubled of students, let we realized that we has responsibility, and has obligations help they again thinking on exam of all: how face academic pressure, how face personal development, how view, and created life of value, how from inside deep accepted exam, to will it as life of part, as development knowledge and wisdom, and development self, and planning life, and contest itself quality of psychological class.
Future exam is very "popular"
From a historical point of view, the original rite of passage is the simple meaning of the exam, it is to distinguish between the different stages of life, before children become adults, intergenerational relationships are changing, parent-children relationship has become more equal.
Rite after the demise, test inherits the main features of it, from the examination system of feudal society evolved into the 19th century in the form of written papers as the main objective, anonymous, and the exam remains a watershed in the history of individual life.
As one of the most effective methods for evaluation and selection of talents, all walks of life are inseparable from the exam, with the development of the information age, test scores in people's access to higher education institutions, access to a variety of certificates, as well as in the search for employment opportunities, will become more and more important.
Compared with the previous exam, exams more effective and rational, it has become a part of the study itself, mastery of the learning styles, control over the content and orientation of individual development, the pick of jobs suitable educational significance of blood-test, stand out as an auxiliary function. Elite selection from the initial objective to diversify, pay attention to the comprehensive development of the individual, emphasizing the creative and practical ability of students, focus of attention from "examination system should be set up" get into "how to adapt to the exam, how to use the examination as a tool for education".
It can be inferred that in future exams will remain wide, "popular", but people think about is how to develop more flexible courses, how to explore more advanced training methods, how the knowledge and skills to become more effective, the education experts have termed "implicit education plan" method popular in the examination system and the test process.
Accept anxiety before college entrance examination last year, a Beijing middle school student Li fan being mother to a psychiatrist because parents saw their son some tension, wondered if he was suffering from "anxiety disorder." The student was perplexed, tutor to his family saying: "Please, stop talking all day, ' anxiety '. I was the class commissary in charge of, has always been very confident, never thought to ' anxiety ' to do, so long as you put the ' anxiety ' hanging on the mouth, really maddening. "
In fact, everyone faced with important tasks, there are emotions of anxiety, fear, it comes from the individual normal, mature sense of self, you can remind yourself to strengthen attention to current, stimulate physical potential, improving the efficiency of dealing with problems, so encounters are closely related to our event, we were all excited and uncontrollable nervous, this is a normal thing.
Holmes, a psychologist and Rech, and Taiwan's Su Dongping, Zhuo Liangzhen had studied the life of different events on human impact and influence, small enough to have a holiday, have a Merry happy Christmas party, can make people feel stress and tension, anxiety and other emotions, let alone test such an important matter?
You may also come across in front of a major test "stop" for people, then give them a "mood", must be the average score, as in this case, the individual can maintain an appropriate degree of vigilance, concentration and rational management of time, it will mobilize the potential of each part of the body to achieve their dreams. In this light, a man without any stress and tension I'm afraid it is difficult to challenge, overcome difficulties, create miracles.
Moderate stress can make us feel the urgency of time, more excited, though not usually sleep anxiety, but also feel more energetic, although during the initial examination stage of mind difficult to draw, but adjustments can be put into test.
So please tell people around yourself or the phrase--"me and all the anxiety of the human, I should have this positive sense of anxiety, in which I can help myself."
Maintaining moderate tension around sports arenas has it that a "two-• eight" law to the effect that said, low levels of psychological factors in the game shares of two technologies share of eight; and a high level of competition, contrary to the weighting of each technology's share was two, psychological factors for eight.
High jumper Zhu Jianhua from China to the badminton player Ye Zhaoying, to the Olympic Games and the World Championship runner-up China Women's basketball team from diving Queen Fu mingxia to pressure the Pack of Deng yaping, Chinese shooting team to win many victories ... ... We see, hear, understand, is a psychological quality of Trump and magic charm, confidence and the high degree of self-control and its real and cruel.
Remember the sports newspaper reported "the world's fastest man" Zhu Jianhua's high jump live, Zhu Jianhua was getting nervous at jumping 2.31 meters, when Dietmar m in height of 2.33 meters first jump is successful, viewers from TV to see his face muscles were tight ... ... Due to excessive anxiety, Zhu Jianhua disorders play came in third in the high jump.
Accept your emotions is the first step, and also to teach children to control their emotions, to maintain a "feel good" moderate tension. In this case, the individual can properly processing the information that came with the application and test anxiety, by adjusting your body and State of mind, positive force for mobilizing their own, mining potential, so that it conforms to the requirements and environmental conditions, to achieve the greatest degree of adaptation.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of psychology doctoral supervisor Wang jisheng has interviews, questionnaires and other forms to survey the exam and found one they have in common is, all with a common heart treatment examination--will usually test as the college entrance exam, entrance examination as usual. Because of this, they can be emotionally stable to the examination room, excited, they are calm and firm attitude under the touch of inspiration, played by the extraordinary. No wonder interviewed children such feeling: we are glad not nervous, because we finally look forward to this day.
Read emotion in General, test anxiety often refers to a specific test-taking situations arouse, cognitive evaluation, personality, academic ability, and many other physical and psychological factors, defense or to circumvent the behavior patterns of a more durable emotion. It affects people is mainly reflected in cognition, emotion and behavior at three levels.
From the cognitive level, excessive anxiety can cause two kinds of obstacles-cognition and cognitive defects. Others focus on exam results, and some children constantly with others, some children have special care about other's opinions, and some children wrapped in the experience of past failures, some children cannot be controlled to unrelated things, too much of these are cognitive performance. Cognitive impairments and cognitive excess, refers to due to the aforementioned "self into thinking" too much memory, attention and blocked, can't concentrate and impeding flexible thinking.
Physiological and emotional component is the second important ingredient. Germany a research group investigated the clinical symptoms of some 500 candidates. They found that all the candidates have raised blood pressure, pulse and breathing speed up, the physiological effects of elevated levels of blood sugar. 72% candidates have the stomach empty feeling, 62% candidates knees, 63% candidates who thirst, 49% candidates throat dry. Teaching practice, we also found a similar phenomenon, a lot of high anxiety children unconsciously involved with and obsessed with these diseases.
In behavioral, anxiety regularly as a way of escape or retreat. Like in a daze, looking for an excuse to buy time, lack of confidence, increased waste; repeatedly checking homework, not an effective organizational learning, exam fear, increased waste, answer papers at random, left the examination room early.
During the study stages, high school academic stress compared to larger, test anxiety problems are more prominent. Different individuals due to genetic factors, the level of maturation, cognitive evaluation of health status, ability, knowledge, experience, test-taking skills, as well as the family, school and social environment is different, its show extent differences in emotional experience.
Discriminant exam anxiety of method has many, can through observation, and experience of way on itself State for assessment, also can do some about exam anxiety of questionnaire, also can and around of people for Exchange, through others reflection itself; help psychological professional people is good of method, through some compared specification, and science of way as talk, and works analysis, and volume table,, professionals on visiting who of mood experience, and behavior reaction, and cognitive defects, and exam skills and about personality factors for necessary of diagnosis and identification, Can be targeted to provide some guidance and training methods.
From the perspective of the school, based on the full implementation of the overall plan, steadily, and in career development, personal counselling, study habit established and guidance of learning methods, cognitive intervention and to engage in thorough and meticulous mental health education is necessary and important.
With the deepening of education reform, people have gradually realized the family an irreplaceable role in the spiritual growth of students. Therefore, more and more educators initiative to parents involved in the school's education, parents ' involvement in school education has become an important symbol of modern education.
Parents should improve itself of tutor art level, through parents salon, and contact card, and parents will, variety way, constantly improve himself participation school education work of capacity, do children has effectiveness of supporters--loss Shi taught they what when efforts are not too late; helpless Shi, and they discussion, help they spent through; closed Shi, encourages they said himself of feel, let they understand, in life of river in the, regardless of when, and what to, we will accepted they, and love they.
Heart's "crux" spiritual solution through this heart of test anxiety threshold, need social, schools, families, and individuals work together, in cooperation and the healthy growth of children.
Experience success "today is the final exam, so I was very nervous ... ... Enter the classroom suddenly found in the class decorations, there are many pictures on the Blackboard, Center says, ' I can do it ' three powerful characters. My nervousness was thrown back, sat down and usually teachers ask memorization of texts. When the Sun holding a large stack of papers into the classroom. Exam right away, my heart and nervous, I carefully picked out a pink from a stack of papers (a volume) back on the seat, read the papers again, some problems we've never practiced. Start the test, in the comfort of the teacher I gradually calmed down, midway through a question will not do, I was scratching, I looked up the three characters on the Blackboard ' I can do it ', the words inspired me, I carefully thought about, finally found the answer. I started checking the, Hey! All right! I looked at my watch, is it time to hand the thought of papers I will be happy. Bell, class is over, exams are over, I'm not nervous because I believe in myself...... "
When you see the Beijing Guangming primary school I can (student papers) when the book's article, I seem to see a childlike students experience exam's baptism and defeats the entire process, and from the bottom out of the love and joy. Love life stems from weak growth has to go through the pain and experience, as if newly born deer keep on standing and touch from fall; joy comes from admiration for life, even if small, just tough strong, just like the child, though small in age, but eventually with efforts to overcome its own.
"I drove the ' bugs '", "believe", "first test", "I did it", "I finally won," "my successes and failures" ... ... These articles show children from the truth of spiritual journey.
In fact, Guangming primary school as far back as 1996 raised the "I can do it" philosophy of education, for many years the school management, teaching, home-school collaboration and other aspects of "I can do it" educational content, in-depth study and practice of the methods and approaches.
In terms of examination and evaluation, paper-and-pencil test, how to test, how to evaluate and use test results, how to follow the psychological characteristics of children in primary schools, encouraging them through hard work, learning, and experience the joy, cultivate their love of learning, studying hard and positive good psychological quality, has been the focus of bright primary exploration of academic assessment. Will focus on the process of developing evaluation and focused on the final combination of summative evaluation; will continue in the form of paper-and-pencil exams combined with development open examination forms; a single combined knowledge examination and presentation of students ' quality; evaluation of the exam with the usual combination of quality control, bright primary lessons learned through theory leads, based on practice.
As through timely anti-die job rates evaluation, and daily show, and archives bags, and growth records, and unit job, and students growth manual, different way help students success; one or two grade implementation usually job with "red flag", and "safflower", and "torch" added criticism, final exam for oral, and writing, and hands-on, and paper pen test variety form and "is good", and "can", and "again efforts" of fuzzy way evaluation; in the high grade by months points items, points stage assessment, class remember assessment, and daily job, and unit job, and months assessment results Comprehensive final exam, final paper weights, ratings, and motivate students to learn the whole process; after taking language is, spend a day to each of the students to display their talent, such as painting, play, sing, dance, recite, tell stories, do crafts, play, skip, and promotes the growth and development of each child.
"If the children pass the exam can experience success and happiness, so they will be anxious? "
Guangming primary school principal Liu Yongsheng's comment got me thinking for a long time. I think we should wish all growing children, wishing they could find themselves in the school's location and value, and wishes they could have passed the exam as a step towards growth and success in life.
Exam anxiety self detection table following introduced a copies exam anxiety of self detection questionnaire, to study individual in exam during of mood, and feel and experience, please parents let children according to itself of reality for answer, don't in each road problem Shang too much of thinking, best by initially of feel to judge, if and itself of situation phase anastomosis on designated a hook, moment cannot answered of please do a mark, it may showed that children faced some new of conflict and problem, can help others of help and support.
1. before the exam I am reduced appetite, eat rice.
2. before the test, I would doubt their abilities.
3. test a few days ago, I'd feel empty, restless.
4. during the test, I felt stomach discomfort.
5. before the test, my head ached.
6. faced with a must-attend an important exam, I felt panic.
7. before the test, I was full of power.
8. before the test, I have an unspeakable anxiety and unease.
9. during the test, usually learn the knowledge I can recall.
10. during the test, I felt confident.
11. during the exam, I felt cold feet.
12. your answers, I often feel very sorry.
13. during the test, I feel tense muscles cannot relax.
14. during the test, I can completely focus their attention.
15. during the examination, I think everybody is thin.
16. during the test, I am flexible brains than usual.
17. as long as the test regardless of the result, I will be very relaxed.
18. I hope that in the future the test will no longer exist.
19. during the test, I found my fingers trembling, his legs trembling.
20. after exams, I often feel doesn't play a really level.
21. If there is no time limit, and I'm sure I can do it very well.
22. I worry about bad teachers ' attitude toward me.
23. after the test, I would like to know how others got.
24. before the test, I feel distressed, annoyed.
25. it was important during the exam, I feel the mind is not quite all there.
26. If you do well on the test, people will doubt about my ability.
27. the people and I know I get low marks on my face.
28. I hated exams because I was born a very nervous person.
29. I don't like the open book exam.
30. If there is no exam, I will study harder.
31. test no need is too formal, because it tends to make people nervous.
32. If the exam is not good, that means I'm not as think it is clever.
33. teachers from my school days come, therefore, scoring best not be too harsh.
34. If the problem is too big, I can't calm at the examination.
35. I can't forgive myself for test failures.
36. during the exam, I often feel I learn solid enough.
37. I think I have enough experience in examination.
38. the review before the exam, I feel the beard eyebrows simultaneously.
39. I think learning ability is very strong.
40. I am not to like the feel of the room.
41. they usually nervous, more obvious during the examination period.
42. the unsatisfactory results of the examination, damage to my self-esteem greatly.
43. test my emotions when Moody, beyond their control.
44. I feel frequent urination during the examination.
45. before the exam without knowing the scores, I'm always worried.
46. I can't stand the atmosphere during the exam.
47. when he got bad grades I first think of how to explain to the parents.
48. in a sense, exams are a potential threat.
Based on the above answers, and then controls the following table, children can know their test anxiety is mainly manifested in what ways, if "concerns about exam" you tick more topics on this factor, you have some trouble, need to adjust very well. Of course, you can reflect on the topic you troubled, preferably combined with the title theme and you trust the teachers. parents. communicate with friends in order to ease the psychological pressure, counteract the bad mood of purpose (Note 1, 9, 10, 14, 39, is back and scoring titles).
Dimension degrees on dimension degrees of explained topics serial number physiological reaction study individual faced exam Shi of physiological index 1, and 4, and 5, and 11, and 13, and 19, and 25, and 44 mood reaction study individual faced exam Shi mood reaction of strongly degree 6, and 8, and 15, and 24, and 28, and 41, and 43, and 46 on exam of concerns study individual concerns of serious degree 22, and 23, and 26, and 27, and 32, and 35, and 42, and 45, and 47 on exam of attitude on exam of basic views and the cognitive 17, and 18, and 29, and 30, and 31, and 33, and 40, and 48 examination psychological prepared whether do has meet exam of skills and the psychological prepared 2, and 7, and 9, and 10, and 14, and 37, and 39 thinking dispersed and resistance inhibition study individual exam situation Shi of cognitive efficiency 12, and 16, and 20, and 21, and 34, and 36, and 38 links exam anxiety classic experiment playback exam anxiety research history long, from 1914 began has has 90 years of course. During the nature of psychologists to test anxiety and influencing factors, assessment and intervention methods such as a full range of research, here are some hot spots experiment.
★ 1914 Faehling research at the Medical University, the students immediately after the examination of sugar in their urine, found that high anxiety subjects increased sugar content. WaterB.Cannon1929 year's experiments also came to the same conclusion, physiological indicators such as body confirmed test anxiety.
★ 1952 George Juan Mandrels and SeymourSarason at Yale University conducted a series of experiments, including comparison of transverse and longitudinal study of test anxiety, anxiety level research groups of adults, children, established the hierarchy of test anxiety (in particular cognitive and emotional elements).
★ Mckeachie found under different test tasks and requirements, students ' anxiety level is significantly different when students can select multiple tasks, decrease and reflect the high efficiency of the conflict.
★ 1966-1976, Spielberger State and trait in the character of the concept into the field of test anxiety, based on this distinction, test anxiety was finally defined as special circumstances of trait anxiety reaction.
★ In the 1970 of the 20th century, the Wine began to emphasize the role of cognitive variables. In his view, the students test scores due to its attention to disperse: assigned to the related task on the one hand, on the other hand also allocated from unrelated activities, such as the excessive attention of concern and reaction of the body, self demeaning, the cognition prejudice to using your time efficiently complete tasks--a study on flashing time flame of test anxiety and cognitive research.
★ Another study by the TrwinSarason and his colleagues concluded that high test anxiety than the low test anxiety showed more self-centered personality derogatory and self-critical tendencies.
★ In the 1970 of the 20th century, a study on application of test anxiety on how to eliminate test anxiety symptoms, reduce the level of exam conflicts and gradually expanded. In addition to Wine for his systematic desensitization and cue control, relaxation therapy and anxiety management training and other traditional techniques, cognitive attention and cognitive-behavioral techniques have been proposed, such as attention training, resistance training, systems, cognitive restructuring, learning counselling, behavioural and cognitive guidance, interventions in a range of educational institutions into the experiment of test anxiety.
★ Current, with theoretical models and empirical studies, intercultural studies, psychometric methods for data analysis applications, further intervention research on test anxiety research began to institutionalize. An academic conference held in different countries every year, raising questions, disputes, promote a global study on the examination anxiety of.