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The importance of home education-how to be a good parent

Compare family cell of society, there are two main meanings.
One is there is no family without social. Since any organism, if there is no composition of their cell, then that organism is no life to speak of. Therefore, the family only the smallest organization of society, but the family is society's most basic organization.
Second, families have to bear certain social responsibilities. Everyone has a variety of needs, from eating, dressing, living, games, entertainment, education, labor, and other, whatever material needs and spiritual needs, are provided by each individual family to meet. This is the social responsibility of the family, is also the family as the basic social organization must play functions of the family. Family functioning fully, people's needs can be better met, would have safeguarded social stability and development.
Along with social progress and the development of the times, the rise of China's one-child population, we have shown unprecedented interest in child rearing issues and concerns, in particular, special attention on how to be good parents.
"For China, a child is a few one-, but for a family becomes absolutely." Every single cells are healthy people, the body could not have been healthy. So now you want to do more than just top-down revolution, we want to do is modified from the bottom up. Every one of our cells are healthy until the disease pushed there's no place to stay, then surely the Chinese society will be healthy--that's what we have to do.

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