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Concern about children's education, do visionary parents

Children's education more and more attention. For our children, "talk about color change" the time is already past. Children's understanding of knowledge not as exciting as a lot of people are worried about, the children not only ignorance, but rather to know not to know know. Westernized social environment has made all of society as a whole into the "coloured" community, adults almost as a hot topic of gossip busy chatting about sex, some people even do not talk about thinking short circuits, of the speech, but he is not smooth. Under such social circumstances, children from pollution is difficult.
In addition, the information age makes children access to information much faster than ever before. Books, networks for knowledge of good and evil intermingled, there are many vulgar content, children receive does not identify. Only has school education inside of content is science of, but education and often only limited to from physiological of angle to on, for children,, these content apparently no they privately received of information stimulus, or in many children seems, has not what fresh topic, is on those think fresh of children for, lack right of concept of guide also easy by front amount the factors of effect and active to received some other sex knowledge. So, at this stage the child understanding of knowledge far beyond the imagination of parents. For men in terms of education, faced the most serious problems at this stage, not a question of children knew nothing about sex, but caused by the lacking of correct concept of guided questions.
Originally, the children of sexual knowledge is the understanding of the progress of the times, but if the lack of correctness guide brings the concept of "open" consequences, insofar as this point is concerned, a number of issues arising from the opening up of the West should be brought to our attention, if we are not wary, is bound to make our children into "flooding" situation. Another issue we face at this stage is the child's gender identity and location problems. We will find some of the children have obvious gender orientation issues, male, unlike men, women do not like women. Women do not like women. Woman's body is a little man, it was good, doing things speedily and can avoid the sentimental weaknesses, you will find a little man girls are also quite excellent. Male character, temper like a woman, is a major problem, and children often have a lot of problems like this, and it's hard to get recognition when I grow up, will bring a lot of trouble.
So, this stage of baby's gender education must focus on child sexual indoctrination and training of children's gender identity. To make the child understand that men and women are different is normal, this is the law of nature, there are men and women of the world are the whole world. But man, after all, is a guy, girl, after all, is the woman. During heterosexual intercourse should not have to interact as well as interaction between same-sex, children must be taught to keep a sense of propriety, and also about mutual respect. Particularly noteworthy is the parents must not go to extremes not to let kids with different * if childhood is limited, can lead to communication disorder occurs when children grow up with the opposite sex, at a loss, which causes many psychological problems, so that after the child reaches adolescence it is more problematic. Parents, we would like to encourage child with different *, ISO * to teach children in the process and it should be noted that the discretion, so that children grow up not * to as many different mysterious things, from life, many less trouble with the children to parents.
By adolescence, children of puppy love is a headache for many parents issues. This problem started was not more serious problems, then gets worse, often because the parents are caused by the improper handling and the children become more antagonistic. In fact, parents look back and think, do so does not come when you were young? Did this kind of thing gets a plug is live? Parents to block harder, two children stick tighter, giving children "with life and death, through thick and thin" opportunity, remove split open. In fact, there is no need to remove, just clearly the reason why children go to effect the Enlightenment can be. Is not unreasonable, is for parents not to teach children how to think about this problem, to understand the truth. The reason, the child will experience this problem, and you didn't know about prevention, after the problem were not solved and the parents don't know how to get kids to think about. If parents can teach your children to think about problems in advance. For example: the heterosexual love, means what? Let them know that the opposite sex like this is a normal thing, but true love is to be able to assume responsibility for each other, make each other happy. At this age, you can afford to take this responsibility? Each other can bring happiness? At this stage, falling in love not only cannot bring happiness to each other, but brought more trouble, if you're really going to do this thing, this is really love each other's performance? Also, you want the child to think about the problem some of us adults think about, such as: can two people walk together, marriage halls than what conditions are needed? Exclude if you have independent means no speak, must also face "weather, geography, and" problem. To be together, time is ripe yet? Even if two people are working, and two people in another city, can you hold on? The road ahead is still very long, after when the two men began to open a gap, you can do together? Since full has so more uncertainty factors, on than in school of when grasp good himself of life direction, and treasure learning of opportunities, through himself of efforts makes himself became powerful, only himself powerful has future to master life of initiative, also is qualification to love other, and to other happiness, even future other not love himself has, you also completely will encountered than other excellent many of another half. Now don't interrupt each other, support each other in silence in my heart on the line. If you taught the boy to think about these issues, the child wouldn't get the unable to clean up. Teach your children to think about these issues at the same time, parents should teach children to learn to appreciate the opposite sex, what the opposite sex is the best, you can learn to appreciate, but not easy to make a choice, the world outside is exciting, you will come across better in the future, if in the future he (she), or do you think the best, then you can make a choice.
For a child's gender identity and orientation problems, parents have to make sure your child is male is male, the female is female, not because you like girls, boys dressed up as girls, and vice versa. Many times children sexual orientation problems, is when parents find out. In addition, conscious arrangements always wanted children and more children of the same sex, if it is found that children always play with friends of the opposite sex in performance or behavior in opposite direction, must guide the correction. In short, brave, strong culture should boys, girls should be training towards a dignified, generous, so that can make the child form a clear gender identity and orientation. BACK