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A Beijing high school principal suit dressed as Captain Jack hot

If the primary and secondary school students to see their daily Dapper President suddenly is a Vice-Captain Jack dressed in, what does it feel like? This kind of thing really happens. Often in a serious, dignified image of secondary school principals, at Carnival dressed as popular Pirates of the Caribbean. Recently, two pirate dress up photos online, Beijing national school principal Li Xigui Internet hit, causing netizens buzz.
Recently, a "principal dressed up as pirates of the Caribbean" Twitter quickly hit the network. Reporters in the micro-blog in the attached picture to see a man imitate Pirates of the Caribbean series of films, "Captain Jack" appearance, imitating its make funny movements, still disguised as "pirate ship" float parade. Micro-blog says, the man is the Beijing national school principal Li Xigui. Many netizens believe that principals can be so creative, entertainment is rare, there are also netizens who think faculty disputed.
Yesterday, the plenary school officials in Beijing confirmed that the man in the photo is indeed the principal Li Xigui. On December 31 last year, schools were held to "creative Disney" as the theme of the Carnival, in which creativity in parade links, teachers and students are subject to creative dress up, Li Xigui school chooses to imitate the "Captain Jack", other staff are dressed as Zorro, goat, etc, involved in the parade.
Students at the school said they had a good time at the Carnival, "did not expect serious teacher also has the usual side feels closer! "The parents participating in the Carnival Mrs Choi said after she saw the President dressed up" smiling spray "," interesting ". BACK