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Going abroad to study employment surveys: Turtle kelp and sea cucumber what you choose

Once upon a time, study abroad is a coveted ring, one of the beijingers in New York so that we know the pain of migration study. But in recent years, with the development of study abroad, studying abroad was a younger age trend, the number of students gradually increased each year, with the number of returned students increased. 2011 returning to employment, in a survey report shows that returnees from 3000 Yuan a month, more than four out of less than 5000 Yuan a month, earning 3000 ~10000 RMB 71%, only 15% of Super million.
Terminology in returnee (sea turtle), refers to the overseas returned overseas Chinese business people.
Sea (kelp), simply explained, back is their overseas, but cannot find a job job.
Left the Sea (sea cucumbers), at home and abroad enterprises job-seekers have been rejected are called "sea left."
Hit heavily across the sea an eye-opener; spelling education, returning in a high profile job search business, capabilities are not satisfactory ... ... Previously in the domestic job market, "returnees" has been a hit a high of words.
And now, from the "Wu Yi XI Wei GUI" to take for granted, as the employment situation changes, hung over the ring of "returnees", I do not know since when there have been "sea" and "sea left" phenomenon.
Now, students in the graduation began to seriously consider his future plans: go home? Do not return? Should go home?
"Sea turtles" why "sea"?
In recent years, there have been some changes in the employment situation of overseas academic returnees unable to quickly adapt to the working and living conditions; capabilities is unable to receive salary from the business; money mixed diploma returnees, unable to meet the employment needs of the enterprise. Number of returnees often is directly after graduating from high school or college students, Bachelor's or master's degree, but due to lack of work experience, competitive in the job market only is similar to domestic graduates.
Problem: unable to adapt to domestic work and living environment in the United States linuoyi Institute referred to complete a master of science in environmental engineering of gaoshan told reporters: "they like the city of Chicago, both quality of life and the other conditions are superior to domestic, had lived in Chicago for a long time, then returning home will drop and loss. "
Problem two: capabilities lack of work experience in a TV job search program, 22, graduated from United Kingdom Leeds College of art and Design Department of master Sun Xiaoou, on-site job Chief experience officer, demanding pay 10,000 yuan a month. When the bosses frequently when I ask her a question, she just smiled awkwardly and did not give a clear answer. Asked why she felt to serve as Chief experience officer post, she just said she had swam across more than 10 countries at their own expense. Eventually not too much travel experience, there is no unique cost-saving technique, and eventually was hired as a graphic designer.
Problem three: Express "returnees" more Halo no longer obviously overseas school personnel number of surge, employing units on returnees common, this a groups gradually by elite return mass, and all domestic enterprise more value of is job who of personal capacity and connotation, high degree not is equal to high capacity, domestic some big enterprise HR are said, in selected people Shang, degree is while, more value strength.
Question four: by interest in selected professional home useless foreign universities have a lot compared to the domestic, winner of the professional, when some students choose to study abroad courses, no thoughtful back home after graduation and did not take into account the employment problem, entirely based on a whim to decide, resulting in professional school in the country with not just full of useless.
How to avoid a "sea" and "sea left"?
Today's employment environment, interested students and parents must pay attention to studying abroad is only "returnees" title is no longer enough, there must be genuine, of returnees with actual work experience, at home and abroad will be subject to the employer's approval.
In addition, the senior study abroad advisor to prospective overseas students studying abroad and some suggestions to the parents:
Choose a professional, career planning, and not overly ambitious. Hengtailai study abroad United Kingdom director Wang Xuefei, selected Professional based on their own interest is on the one hand, more important is the professional of the future employment prospects, if returned home after graduation, the professional meets the domestic employment market conditions and so on.
Overseas accumulating experience. Kai Tak education United States consultant Liu Hongyuan pointed out that family's economic conditions more and more good students, so that many children no longer need a part time job to earn tuition fees and living expenses.
However, without prejudice to school part-time, not only can quickly improve student language skills and quickly integrated into local life and also the accumulation of their social experience and work experience.
Do not abandon the domestic network and resources. New-studying the United States and Canada consultant Li Yongshun said, not because of his broken circle of friends several years abroad, and to always pay attention to the domestic information, understand the dynamic of all walks, preparing for the return after graduation.
Expert analysis: status reporter through interviews and analysis of returned students, after graduation returned can be divided into three types.
Type: money only for a diploma, go back home, "students and we are different now, when foreign students get scholarships or offer, is the school's elite, after returning to how many enterprises clamouring for. "One returned after successful" senior overseas, "Mr Li said in an interview, so many students now studying abroad at their own expense, junior high kids started to study abroad, strong financial support so they have no motivation to learn.
Comment: hengtailai study abroad United Kingdom Wang Xuefei, head believes that such students to mix a few years abroad, did not seize this precious time to enrich themselves, in addition to other than English better than domestic students, others just reflect a value. Such students are totally dependent on the family, if you do not return in foreign countries is unpopular.
Type II: field capacity, only one treatment is superior when you choose a professional well thought out clear direction for future employment after graduation, recognition by domestic and foreign employers. Don't waste their time and energy at University, an active part in practical activities, develop their own personal power.
Comments: Kai Tak education United States Department said Liu Hongyuan, science and engineering professional higher gold content, but professional just on the one hand, both at home and abroad, employers pay more attention to personal experience and ability.
Type III: hesitant, wandering whether the return on the one hand in the world well, but under pressure from family and choice dilemma, on the development in foreign countries, worried about their employment after returning home will be even more difficult.
Comment: new-studying the United States proposals to increase consultant Li Yongshun such hesitant students, it is best to accumulate some experience abroad, according to the professional environment at home and abroad to make their choice. BACK