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Yao just got 38 points from the high number of failed? Team Yao stepped rumor

Just to attend school Yao test "fail"? Recently there is a lot of rumors into Yao Ming of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, failed in the final exam in advanced mathematics, scores were only 38 minutes. In this regard, the head of team Yao said Sina, said Yao's high number of does not fail, scoring is not a spread 38 points.
Rumors, despite Yao Ming, I still did not want to reveal his final exam, but acknowledged the high number to the media before he had his most difficult course. "After entering the first math class I didn't understand, but awaken memories about math for more than 10 years ago, but I believe that can improve a little every day, will eventually benefit, the current test scores aren't everything. "
Head of team Yao said Sina, Yao did well in the exam, and, without fail, appear. "Yao Ming this year on a total of 3 courses: advanced mathematics, English, history. I can say responsibly, Yao is definitely the number of high qualified, and this has been confirmed by the school. "But still Sina does not reveal the exam scores," as for Yao Ming's number is much higher, he considered it a personal privacy, anonymity, but certainly not the 38 points. "
Retired post Yao Ming is determined to enter college, but the difficulties encountered than common "older students" much: now he not only as members of the CPPCC National Committee, also is owner of the Shanghai sharks Club, and frequently in various charitable and business activities, so some people see these as main factors affecting Yao. In this regard, SINA said, though he can be poor, but he is very clever, and very hard, "Yao Ming is a very serious and modest man, he does not want one, he really wants to learn something. I live downstairs, on linear algebra problems, he often comes to me for advice, and very good. Each week, half the time he is not allowed to arrange anything, he is used to reading. One afternoon, I used to see him for five or six hours in the study. However Yao Ming feel that these are his own and do not want to open. "Sina also revealed that he is talented in history," I know of an article he wrote on subjects of history midterm obtained very high scores, teachers couldn't believe was written by himself. "
"Yao Ming did well in higher mathematics well" this topic also triggered discussions on the network, an Internet message said: "I am exam math scores 140 points, go to College after high score is 35 minutes, not 38 points higher! ” BACK