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Touch around nails, graduate highly educated people looking for work had as much as high school student

Graduate students than high school students can't afford higher education employment injury. "How we think about higher education, low wages? "Recently, the Netizen named" hustczl "in Hust campus BBS post, complaining of" looking for a job for months, running around, "and found that" graduate than venturing out of the students graduated high school. " Once the post is published, soon aroused heated discussion in the College.
Higher education was a "trap"?
"Hustczl" said in a post, they are Hust of the IT profession Masters graduates, home in a third-tier cities. Due to professional school "in third-tier cities had no value", she can choose their place of employment can only be concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other IT industry developed cities.
"Hustczl" said, "the so-called tech professional," acts as a crowded onto a bridge, under great pressure of competition. Find a lap down, she found that her diploma is basically didn't play too big a role, "master degree which is laborer, not code (means there is no prospect of a software development position) is a screw. "Looking back at his primary school classmates, some specialist accounting into the fiscal Council in his home town; or go to the Police Academy, the Public Security Bureau," with their relationships, also has a 200,000 a year coming in. "
"Hustczl" summed up the dilemma of "highly educated trap."
"Money over diploma"
This post sparked a heated debate in the College.
Netizen "Aositelizi" said, after attending a high school reunion two years ago, he found that "doing good" is usually the worst. Students "morality" were of the view that low education success stories often cannot be duplicated, "can copy or read in so many people rushed to read blog".
"Moondark", some former classmates, maybe just doing not well in their studies, formal education suffer, have forced them to make up for in other ways, their high level of education of students can afford to lose, so venturing out of high school, some students can be successful.
"I believe" made only measured by monthly salary "diploma" extreme value. "A lot of ' Daniel ' said education makes people thoughtful, human progress and the like, but not who says education can enable people to make more money. Netizen "dance month" also said, "not to mention reading can have great wisdom, at least to read so many books, basic literacy and thinking are not comparable to people who don't read books. "
Netizen "in harmony", today's society is not to the point of relationships has not been difficult, young people should be a little backbone, try not to rely on relationships.
"Heroboy" that the success of a person, education is only a small factor, "pure degree, only deal with them superior. Longer life, better or worse in the future not necessarily, the long view, don't look now. "
Is the kingly way how to solve the "highly educated" and "gang" gap? A human resources manager, any business has a standard pay structure, excellent college students for the enterprise are new, not be overly high opinion, down to start at the bottom, is King.
He said, in his few years in human resources, found that newly graduated College students will actually do much, they should value enterprises to provide employment opportunities, rather than envy workers thousands of Yuan a month. Should strive to improve their core competitiveness for enterprises, rather than becoming a "more than a little, a lot less" employee "If capacity is strong enough and not worry about getting a job, paid. Instead, say is of no avail ". BACK