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Professor Emeritus dies Division, recommended for students of fraud failed 20 million

Retired Professor Sun Terra-devoid of teachers, Military Academy on the claim that they could recommend, but failed in the fraud, 20 million. Recently, a professor at the Business College of Beijing Union retired, with the familiar 5 "military official" friends swindling more than 140 students and their parents, were deceived of more than 19 million Yuan, retired professor and the cheat involved said the trial is "do good".
This morning, the Sun Terra, 73, the case was taken to the city in the second trial. Prosecutors allege facts in connection with Sun Terra said "all untrue, I can't accept."
Sun Terra said that after retiring he opened in a hotel near sanyuan bridge technology consulting services company, later met co-defendants fan down.
"He said he and the then Department of Defense leadership was old and gave me a photograph of them. "Sun Qian fo said he always admired soldier, so trust each other's identity.
Sun Terra said the fraud, he did not know he was in "level of local foreign affairs departments of the Central" fan down, hold high office for help.
As Sun Qian fo University teacher's identity, many people will ask him what failed the college entrance examination. Vertical fan says he has heard after local places for students attending military schools. Prosecutors allege van down, Sun Qian fo and others to defraud more than 140 students and their parents, were deceived of more than 19 million Yuan.
As cases principal, Sun Terra-claiming to be responsible for providing venues, to help make some admissions processes work.
"I didn't know about the fraud, hoping to help those students and their parents to do something good, it can be considered JI. "Sun Terra-argued in court," my identity is the Sun, no change. "
After his bail to abscond, Sun Terra is in Henan, home to more than 90 years old, as she has a terminal illness, he left Beijing. After returning to Beijing, Sun Terra-felt alone against the law, so do not take the initiative surrendered.
Because Sun Terra-not guilty, in connection with the fact that more complex, is expected to for a one-day trial.
Playback of the case Prosecutor accused, from June 2003 to November, 73 men and retired Professor Sun Terra-fan vertical collusion between 5 people, pretending to be a soldier, in the name of Military Academy admissions, promises "failed the college entrance examination will be sent to the military school, to force in the future cadres", defrauding more than 140 students and parents trust.
It is understood that Sun Qian and others in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shanxi, in 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, to collect fees range from $ 100,000 per student, a total of more than 19 million Yuan.
The gang members a clear division of labor, everybody plays a different role. To attract students, they also arranged military training, met with the parents of students and trainees in the fake officer certificates, college diplomas and purchased army uniforms, munitions, etc.
Now, apart from the Sun Terra, a group remaining 5 per capita have been jailed.
Already jailed gang members age plays a role name fan hanging ceremony 75 years old, sentenced to terms of force "Chief", "General" life imprisonment Teng Xijie 48 buy munitions 14 years Li Zongzheng 64 army "Commander" 13 years Liang Xiuting 50 forces "officer" 12 years in prison for Liu Jianxun 40 force "Chief" to 10 years in prison BACK