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Community Survey: $literal, after the living situation and perspective

Crazy, flamboyant, eccentric, after in the body tag used to be, "beat generation" in the controversy. Today, the threshold for first generation 30 years old, who have become the backbone of society. Confucius say "30 years old", Chinese people always believe that 30-year-olds should be able to rely on their own skills, responsibility, and have set their own goals and direction.
What had been the first generation made up? How are their living conditions? To conduct a survey. Compared with the $literal, generation turns 30 years old, working stable enough, under severe mortgage stress, there are 30% of one single. They grew up in a changing society, it undertakes more real and psychological pressure.
Henan on "$literal and conditions for generation at the age of 30" conducted a survey, the results show, first enter "30" threshold generation group, 30% are still single, 40%, people without shelter, 70% people without cars, six adult fear of family responsibilities, living conditions are not ideal.
And generation compared to $literal's life seems to be more stable, home, has children and a stable job.
Lost generation's biggest, $literal choice comes naturally era of high prices, faced a young couple plus one-child support 4 elderly, raising 1 child, confusion and pressure, as many after the common feeling. Surveys show that 67.72% 's generation felt confused, piled pressure on 10% evaluation of one's self is rebellious, edgy. Speak of the future, Ma Nan in the computer industry will feel very confused, feel a lot of pressure.
As the first generation of people into the city, buying a house the family, which he is often short of breath. See through the future, but the Ma Nan is planning a future life, such as in nearly two years as the baby, if possible, buy a car. Survey, said after the nearly 41.4% of 80, according to plan future life. But $literal only 33.3% as planned. Compared to the generation and $literal, more $literal option is to let nature take its course for the future life, generation in the context of harsh reality, more carefully to create life in the future.
First generation 45% no children, $literal 74% are the children of the 780 's, who 30 years, children have been ground run. Now, just turn 30 years old generation, many people just get married. Survey data shows that first entered the 30 threshold generation, only 73.8% married, at age 30, and $literal, 90% of people have families.
30 Zhang na said that, into the family means under pressure and she wanted to ease for two years to get married again. Zhengzhou marriage counseling company marriage family counselor Chen ling said, freedom-loving, fashion, individuality liberation, as many causes of generation marry later.
With the postponement of the age of marriage, children are also postponed. In the first generation, 45.3% who have no children, and $literal at the age of 30, 74.1% people have children. Many generation thinks, just married, bears mortgage pressure, didn't want to become a "child's slave".
$Literal has more generation car has a car and a House, is a symbol of the quality of life. However, the investigation, at the age of 30, $literal more people with housing, generation has more. In the 40-year old Zhang kai's eyes, "home" is the meaning of the word, House is home to a few people, House is a home. So you borrow money to buy a House. But after the Chen thought that buying a House too much pressure, it is better to buy a car to improve the quality of life.
Survey 70% $literal room generation has only 60%. $Literal car 20%, generation car 25%. Chen is already over 30 years old, working in an advertising agency, a monthly salary of 2500, in her eyes, "do not eat or drink anything and cannot buy half a square meter", is not to buy.
Survey 78% generation January wages could buy less than 1 square meter house, 22% of the person's salary can buy 1 square meter house. 10 years ago, the $literal at the age of 30, 69% people a month's salary to buy less than 1 sq m of houses, 31% man's wages should be 1 square metres or more to buy a House.
By comparison, price pressure $literal small. Half of generation switch at least twice, basic stability in $literal survey generation before age 30, nearly half had at least two changed jobs, 36% of the generation there was no steady work.
Half of generation switch at least twice, basic stability in $literal survey generation before age 30, nearly half had at least two changed jobs, 36% of the generation there was no steady work.
Graduated from 2005 to the present, Chen has been changed 5 times, doing sales, engaged in the planning, design, often a year or so before they move. "I'd like to experience something" is a major reason Chen quit.
By comparison, relatively stable $literal at the age of 30, 70.2% people have stable jobs, 14.2% people had only three more than once job-hopping.
$Literal at the age of 30, 36.5% people have become the top units, generation less, there are 32.9% people are a company's senior.
Generation almost half pressure from House, $literal pressure balancing generation is known as the generation that grew up in the sugar bowl, clothes to mouth, but nearly 30 years of age, generation life isn't like most people think of as "cool" and "capricious". In the changing society they grow up in the same undertaking from the real and psychological pressure.
Survey shows that at the age of 30, generation 40.6% pressure is mainly reflected in the houses instead of old children's pressure is slightly smaller.
Relative generation, $literal at the age of 30, pressure 29.7% of the House, kids, stability and working pressure, each accounted for more than 20%.
In 2007, Zhang Li in the hospitals and her husband bought a second-hand housing, repayment of nearly 2000 Yuan a month, which makes her very great pressure.
Child plans had to push back, their contribution to the family is not particularly large.
Instead, the 40 year old Wang at the age of 30, the child is 5 years old, he felt he was the breadwinner of the family, maintenance obligations and perform very well for the elderly.
In the survey, 66.4% 80, said after their home has become a major source of income. Up 73.2% $literal.
Half a generation pay is not high, fear of family responsibility survey, 30 years of age generation, 54% think they are less mature, was going through social honed, 57% said, his fear of family responsibilities.
One compensation analysts believe Li, the main cause of this phenomenon is that the current salaries and positions of this population is generally low, the material cannot support their families and contribute to society, and over time began to lose confidence.
In the $literal, at the age of 30 years, 47% think they are less mature, but 56% is not afraid to take up family responsibilities.
Zhang said he worked for 8 years, and was a general staff in the unit, carrying huge mortgage, she and her husband can't get sick, for fear of a thing.
A copy of the data shows that the number of a monthly income of 3000~5000 Yuan accounted for 31.2%, the number of a monthly income of 1500~3000 Yuan is close to 30% per cent, to 28.6%.
Analysts say Li, the pay levels to achieve "independence" is more difficult than larger, under pressure from the current pace of social and life, so as to realize "independence" are being postponed for a few years, 35, is a much better standard. BACK