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Recommend counseling seminars before the college entrance examination

June 2012 entrance countdown will begin, in order to help anxiety before college entrance examination students easily test this year, confidently meet the University entrance exam, on March 7, which was held by the newspaper "calm and unhurried examination" candidates for counseling seminar held in Xinhua middle school before the exam.
It is understood that the annual college entrance examination drew near, candidates, some exams, or even due to anxiety caused by the inability to concentrate, insomnia, appetite and frequency test syndrome such as toilet, if students cannot receive timely guidance on these emotions and relieve, is likely to affect Sprint test prep and college entrance exam the day's play. This workshop invites, school mental health education center, to the Deputy Director, City Board of education the students ' psychological consultation hotline distinguished experts, Xinhua counseling Ma Lili with the vast number of full-time teachers in middle school students and parents shared their years of coaching candidates before the test and the experience of psychological interventions, lectures followed by gradual learning characteristics, due to a strong sense of timeliness and guidance has been popular with students and parents.
Lecture content includes examinations, examination policy adjustments, effective supplementary exam relaxation training, family policy, teaching both lively and typical examples quoted, and operational methods. Among them, around contains detailed explanations of the assertiveness training, eliminate stress, and how to improve exam quality of sleep, how to deal with examinations within 1 minute scene of unexpected situations, such as method is simple and easy to learn. In addition, Ma Lili teacher on the day before the college entrance examination notes on student success Guide, optimization to help strengthen students ' confidence, emotion, entered the State in order to give full play to the role of. Meanwhile, she had to teach the parents parent-child communication methods, needed to help it read the child, creating the best atmosphere in your home.
"Strategy, dare to care. No test to win, after winning in the exam; try to row, can win; don't expect miracles, only because I paid, I will be a harvest. Strategy two, beware. Current focus on base, reduce drop points; not too much attention to scores, concentrate on taking; the mindset to do his homework carefully exam. "Parents, students are attracted to Ma Lili teacher brilliantly summarized, they listen, remember, talk about the highlights of nodded in response. One South high school seniors and his parents listened to the lecture. His mother told reporters that as a parent, want most is to be able to help their children to do something before the exam. Tianjin education newspaper organized the very timely psychological counselling activities. After returning, we will follow the experts ' experience and ways to help children stress to help them adjust to the best Prep State.
After the meeting, Ma Lili teacher is still more than 10 students and parents gathered around the podium, continued for half an hour answering questions patiently, until the parents have received satisfactory answers. BACK