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Exam language review recommendations for the necessary five point of

1. self-paced, integrated review process the review stage, we need to co-ordinate the review process, planning, arrangement of time. According to feel insecure features custom review progress and speed, at a speed appropriate to review at the same time, kept strengthening acquired knowledge and combining, review the process continued to stop and reflect on their own in order to do better in the next stage.
  2. studying textbooks, lay a good foundation in the test review, first textbook of basic concepts, definitions, wording, statements and answer questions in the sort out the common way of thinking, the attention given to tapping the potential function of textbook examples and exercises and play, bring together basic knowledge and basic skills.
  3. practice emphasizes efficiency, avoid overly ambitious to do exercises if you do not pay attention to digestion and absorption, just too much speed, easy to difficult, will be to no avail. Review, implementation exercises, exercises in the textbook and reading a reading, think about it, do it exploring content, second choice in recent years around the outstanding questions in the exam, conducted intensive training, you cannot place undue emphasis on quantity and speed, pay attention to practice efficiency.
  4. reflections on problem-solving, improve thinking ability usually practice, should reflect on their own thinking when solving process, exploring the cause of the problem and the faults of the mind. When problem solving, watch for known conditions and characteristics of the problem to be solved, and its implied information, has knowledge relating to the Association, seeking a breakthrough to solve the problem; after problem solving should reflect on this solution how to come up with the theme, by solving their own inspired by what? Especially when the answers have difficult problems, encountered difficulties should think about where, what accounts for the difficulties, which may absorb experience, lessons learned, and so on.
  5. build up your confidence, maintain a good attitude good attitude is especially important to test, is the prerequisite for smooth. Excessive tension can lead to a confused, calculation errors or do not question. Learn self control moods, develop self-confidence, and test with a positive at BACK