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Guide to beginning a new language learning method

Enter the new first grade, substantial increase in the difficulty of course, learning methods and has a larger gap in primary school. Students from the primary school "nanny-style" management and learning styles to school "autonomous" learning mode. Meanwhile, there are still psychological transition problems. In view of the above issues, in order to help children adapt to secondary school life, Beijing four school teachers, four in Beijing, Jia Dong Chinese senior teachers in the following recommendations to the new first year students:
First, pay special attention to the starting stage, the old saying goes: "nine-story tower rises from a heap of Earth; a journey begins with a single step. "Well begun is half done. Mind will attach great importance to and thoughtful, inquisitive, step by step, practical to move forward, as a junior high school for three years to lay a solid foundation.
Second, enriched themselves while studying, you should try to find fun, in particular, to participate actively in various activities, which regulates learning, enrich academic life, cultivate their various abilities.
Third, to develop good habits, we often talk about "learn", or "habit". Every day in life, you have to learn new things. In fact, language is a fun subject. This fun, to a large extent derived from books and articles. A beautiful prose, popular dramas, recited poetry, graphic novel plot, which are worth to learn.
Also, junior high school language learning of ten habits, help students are smooth transition small rose early, ahead of adapted new junior: 1, and read, and reciting text of habits; 2, and reading excellent extracurricular books of habits; 3, and scrutiny language text of habits; 4, and accumulated language material of habits; 5, and remember diary of habits; 6, and specification writing of habits; 7, and focused to listening to people talk of habits; 8, and said Mandarin, and talk civilization decent of habits; 9, and service thinking, and love questioned of habits; 10, and service check reference books of habits. As long as the form these good habits, you can help the wings, to fly faster and higher. BACK