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On effective teaching of primary school English methods of

English new courses reform stressed that students are able to use English to do things in the process of doing language, thinking and communication and cooperation skills. Through the creation of a good language environment and the provision of a large number of language practice opportunities, students through their own experiences, perceptions, practices, participation and exchanges for English learning. Our English teacher put forward higher requirements. Has many teacher in class of teaching method and students learning strategy of change Shang, for has some has value of attempts to and exploration, groping out some good of way, as task type teaching, and group cooperation learning, but, from author in-depth class research in the see, currently primary school English teaching still exists many problem, teachers is hard, students is no get due of development, teaching in low effect of status.
Effective teaching (effective teaching) the teaching of the concepts from the first half of 20th century Western scientific movement, the so-called "effective", which refers to the teaching by teachers over a period of time, students have access to specific progress or development. Teaching there is no efficiency does not mean teachers have finished or not recognize carefully taught, but students have not learned or what students learn well. If students don't want to learn or have learned nothing, even teachers teach hard but teaching again. If the student studies very hard, but the development has been, is null and void or ineffective teaching. Therefore, the student has no progress or development is the only indicator of teaching there is no benefit. In pursuit of student progress and development, effective teaching strategies can accurately grasp the essence of the curriculum, find a clear way for the reform of English teaching in primary schools. In particular, the concept of effective teaching include the following.
1, effective teaching and students ' progress and development first, requires teachers to have "objects". Teachers must be the subject status of establishing students, establish a "development of all for students". Secondly, it requires teachers to have "whole person" concept. Development is a holistic development of the student, rather than one (intellectual) or a subject (such as English, mathematics, etc) development.
2, attention to teaching benefit of effective teaching, teachers have time and efficiency concept in teaching is not to feel, not simply "effectiveness" is understood as "spend the least time to teach the most." Teaching effectiveness depending on the unit of time in students ' learning outcomes and considering the results of the learning process.
3 more attention, effective teaching can be measured or quantified such as teaching goals as clear and specific as possible, in order to test teachers ' effectiveness. However, does not simply quantitative is a good, scientific. Effective teaching not only refused to quantify and oppose too quantify. Should be treated with a scientific combination of quantitative and qualitative, process and results, fully reflected in students ' academic achievement and the teacher's performance.
4, the effective teaching requires teachers to have a reflective consciousness requires every teacher to reflect on their daily teaching behavior, constantly asking "what kinds of teaching are valid? "" My teaching efficient? "" There is no more valid than I am teaching? "5, effective teaching is a strategy called" policy "refers to the teachers for teaching or teaching with the intention of a number of specific ways to solve the problem. In particular, the teaching according to the process of teaching is divided into preparation, implementation and evaluation stages, and each stage has a number of strategies. Need teachers with effective teaching strategies related to the knowledge in order to cope with their specific situational decision making does not require teachers to master each skill.
Implementation of effective teaching of English subjects in primary schools without delay. What effective teaching is not education reform "feat", it's just back to basics of teaching, and teaching to truth-seeking to find as they are. The implementation effective teaching should start from the correct subject teaching, bold excluding classroom teaching of the new, strange, empty and unprincipled evaluation invalid or ineffective work, teaching promote conscientious, solid scholarship, an honest person and advocating the right of good teaching, studying and writing, with a view to the overall improvement of teaching quality.
I think the implementation of effective teaching of English subjects in primary schools should take the following key:
1, effective preparation and effective lesson planning is an important prerequisite for effective teaching. Only valid lessons are effective teaching. And effective lesson planning must be carefully analysed and the reality. One, seriously research textbook, effective grasp good teaching in the three dimensional target Zhijian of relationship; second, and from students of physiological and psychological aspects to research students on teaching content of can accept degree, flexible integration textbook, application quality resources, makes teaching reached effective; its three, analysis students in learning, and activities, and training process in the may appeared of various situation, station in students of angle to design operation sex strong, and has gradient, and benefit students development of students class activities, seeks to in activities in the achieved teaching of effectiveness.
2, effective teaching in English classroom teaching, the Professor is a decision in force for a period the key to success. And effective teaching requires that teachers good at presenting new knowledge and guide students to understand the knowledge taught by teachers. Professor in the process, in order to stimulate students ' interest in learning, teachers should carefully design, demonstration, practice and consolidate feedback, results show, extended practice teaching link, also good at Guessing game/Memory game and other games to attract the attention of students ' knowledge, so that can attract students ' attention and to achieve the desired results.
3, and effective evaluation English courses of evaluation system to reflected evaluation subject diversified and evaluation form of diversification, teachers to note appropriate using language evaluation, and expression evaluation, and body language evaluation, and points evaluation, and race evaluation, means, through forms, and appropriate decent of evaluation makes students on himself learning of results and insufficient has a clear of awareness, to accurate to feedback teaching, to guarantee teaching of effectiveness sex. BACK