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Primary school composition instruction: write composition should be written

Writing is the basic proposition of composition. Wrote people, can focuses on wrote characters of external performance, that wrote he in do some what, or has which moving deeds; also can focuses on wrote characters of inside activities, wrote he in a thing before, in and others contacts in the, or in a specific of environment in the of inside changes, and with of produced of Hi, and anger, and mourning, and Le of love; also can staggered to wrote people of external performance and psychological activities.
  Write the article should note the following points.
  1. explain clearly who he is, such as his age, sex, physical description, occupation, personality, and their relationships.
  2. to write the character's features is to write this with others in a different place. Only written features, can leave a deep impression on the reader, the paper also can be different and innovative.
  3. through specific events to show the characters, must not write to you as the teacher moral conduct comment writing people. Selected events to be able to shed light on the character and qualities. When you write good things, characters are written. When you finish reading the suicide bomb bunker Dong cunrui, and my comrades after Qiu shaoyun, you have the two heroes have a deep impression.
  4. grasp the subtle movements and changes the characters, to give a concrete, vivid descriptions. Catch details portrays the character on the original flat, fuzzy image to life, flesh and blood. As in the work of the night, Premier Zhou fuzheng swivel chair is a detailed description, it shows the weeks of methodical work style.
  5. at the time of verbal description, consistent with the identity and personality of the characters, because of different age, occupation, personality, character, what they say is different, even if it is the same person as, in a different case, and the story is different.
  6. close-fitting the character's features and articles are written to express the idea person, don't just write whatever comes, sloppy patchwork, jump things up, much less repeat wordy, superfluous, so that people do not know what to say. BACK