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English six levels the strongest practical experience recommended

One thing I want to tell you, the examination is only a means, not the fundamental purpose, prove nothing. Failed to come again on the line! I am a college student and now do not want to be a rookie, I had to update more distant targets, are preparing for the GRE exam, I believe I CET experience will help me! I want to be a rookie, is willing to fly the Dapeng!
  My English test scores were only just more than 90 points.
  To a veritable rookie like me characters, CET-6 (failed the exam grade) is a luxury dream. But in reality I made in the it! examination in June last year, my capacity as social candidate (schools are not candidates, had to find another way) bite off CET-6 this nut. Aftertaste in my mouth now will immediately twitched, and then smiled knowingly. Do not CET?!
  For the GM test, skills use it properly or not has a great influence on test. Following my reading and hearing the two main parts (a total of 60 points) about my preparation strategy 1. reading: as half of the CET exams, is very important. (The so-called reading, CET. Reading waste, CET game Game over) the first key step in understanding the full text to the effect that is indispensable, fast read this article, and quickly check the key words (such as Essential,Important,Indispensable,Inevitable) and corresponding questions, immediately cross off some absolute options (such as All,Absolute,None,Must,Utterly) then the answer, Correct answers basically came out. Arrangements for time, my personal recommendation is 35 minutes to do the first three readings. Fourth guess method (read the first sentence of the paragraph, last paragraph. In the question stem Verb Verb meaning of the corresponding text, remember that is not a Word, the correct general options is that it).
  2. listening comprehension: Dear volume made by the examiner will generally arrive 5 minutes early, we'll use the 5 minute quick look the first 10 items, also immediately starts to hang out with all the options of different sections (ESP:verb) which won the initiative and gentle mind, took the issue to the listening level play a very useful. As regards the second part of the addition to other cattle, basically everyone will feel very difficult, so for most of the candidates was fair, then rookie candidates are dominant (Ah-Q therapy). It main test everyone listening comprehensive ability, plus all accumulated daily, (this year I encounter questions about Franklin, had almost no easily). There is an important principle in the right mind to treat hearing problems, do not suddenly or Tao.
  For Rookie candidates, basically the two main components of reading and listening can pass CET exam. On the other part wanted to give some suggestions: vocabulary is the part we are most afraid of, it should be placed at the end, thinking that 10 wrong anyway only 5 minutes, not as valuable as reading scores. CET mistakes tend to be more easily meet don't give up, I think the simple than the college entrance examination. Writing rookie here are some templates back before the exam.
  In short, peace of mind + competitive drive + serious + exam with a bit of luck, worry-free rookie can passed CET exam! of course cattle for examination shall be such mentality: dealing with a test the strength of the best thing to do is to make yourself far above test levels.

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