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Listening methods strongly recommended

For the subject of English speaking, listening is one of the most accessible part of the, but why do students often feel a trial of hearing but I always lose it? I hope by sharing my experience can be helpful.
  First, the test method of hearing problems. Don't be nervous during the exam, exam requires focus, if you may be missing the point ... Addition, exam Shi best will whole road problem of problem even is all to you of conditions with abbreviations symbol records down, teacher taught of this method although began Shi feel some trouble, also will effect speed, but now I has think it became has a method, not only can deepened you on this road problem of understanding more can let you something can do, not in listening to finished Hou diffuse no destination, with Xia a problem, as instead may wandering. So he must always keep yourself in a relaxed but focused state.
  Secondly, life habits. Hearing must be practiced. Think about why are we listening to native speakers can be so easy. Only one reason we used in such an environment, family, classmates and teachers are using language for communication, so be sure to listen more. For improving your listening not only by doing the usual examination practice, in order to develop the overall sense of hearing, I will prepare some listening materials such as BBC,VOA, after getting up every day and before going to bed, I use a tape recorder, whether or not listening, does understand, lets put it, give yourself a listening environment.
  Third, study the listening comprehension questions. This method in other many subject are has application, but estimated rarely was real to system to put it application to English listening in the, may sometimes we do problem Shi will found, this road problem didn't put zhiqian I see answers on probably know it to asked what has, I often with it tie 2nd told of abbreviations symbol this habits, on can is easily to analysis out answers probably is what, such on can in must degree Shang upgrade answers of accuracy. Participate in this capacity, improve efficiency and results to some extent.
  Finally, needs to be clear, we must stick to, perseverance. This is the major premise, listening does not easy to practice for a short time, but as good as a native language, once you become the ability not only to score, is even more present in your life, so I think taking the time to improve the listening is very worth it. Finally, I hope we can improve hearing as soon as possible!
  All in all, English listening learning requires persistence, the repeated exercises you will get unexpected results. BACK