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Tips to solve learning problems

Speech grammar in English learning and other big issues that must be resolved, but some small problems are urgent and important. A few days ago, classmates asked me a question: "the music teacher, so much in the English ' collocation ', such as takeup,takeoff,takeon,takeover,takein...... Looks similar, vary, let people look at headaches, how can they remember? Especially a big test before the onset of these idioms were pierced ears Tickle cheek, confused. "
  Indeed, the clever Chinese students look closely "Collocation" cold sweat, because I do not know how many students are immersed in a clue on the back fixed matches, spent a lot of time, but with little success.
  Facing the stunning "Collocation", got really no trick to solve problems?
  Not too! Many of the difficulties in the world seems scary, but once you find the way, but can solve the problem in a few words. Today I give you three tips to ensure fixed with this little problem disappeared.
  First one: ahead of the parade, a collection point.
  English idioms, not many actually, altogether hundreds of, less commonly used, and dozens of. Looking for a book with "Collocation" dictionary (good dictionary has this content), or that have a fixed tax manual, you'll all learn, the idioms are used prior to browse a few times, or simply rote him a few times, although not completely mastered, mixed at least familiar. This "ahead of the parade" is very worthwhile effort. It's like a led to a large number of new units, there are a lot of people are waiting for recognition, what can you do? To have a big party, all units in all, Hello, touch a glass of, say, early impression, this is the fastest way to meet people. Learn English, too, looks similar to the dictionary "idioms" (such as take up, take off, take on, and so on) reviewing the collection point will be to meet, have a general impression on them, be aware of, then future not in the mind.
  The second measure: working memory.
  Of course, mixed assault awareness alone is not a familiar. To remember these "Collocation" of specific meaning and usage must also work deep, and their close friends, this requires that your resistance down to, carefully combined with practical English idioms phrases learnt to use, with "working memory" to master them.
  The so-called "work", is the common experience is one thing, know a fixed collocation in the specific plot. Like, we today in a article articles in see has take over this "fixed match", on quickly to turned dictionary understand it of mean and usage, a see it of mean is "accept, and took over, and took over as", then again returned to articles in the, put it in articles sentences in the to expression of mean make understand, such, we today on and take over separate see has once surface, total has a times thing, we on it on has has more deep of awareness. In the days that followed, we also come across the phrase take over, will also meet, and it worked. A long time, know about it more and more, for its meaning and usage, we can close our eyes to say, this better than you remember each "Collocation" strong hundredfold!!
  Shang had University of students are has such of experience, just into school Shi class in of students are is strangers, can four years life in with Hou, you will on each a bit students are lifetime not forget, for what does, because you in four years of University life in and each a bit students are has unforgettable of "worked" experience, these experience assist you deep to remember has each a bit students. Remember English words too, classmates to each word as if to look at and to live with them closer and closer together. This requires that the English are not lazy, remember to ground, English articles, dealing commonly used words and phrases. You stay away from them, they will stay away from you.
  The third move?: test scope assault.
  Some students may ask, and learn English not immune after all tests, how the assault before the exam to remember so many idioms?
  You did not think of the Fellowship, that is, any English exam is relatively small "word" in the range, just caught this range, exam officers and solve big problems. Listen to me the following explanation.
  You think English hard, but you don't know who the teacher of English test papers is difficult. They need from foreign newspapers and magazines taken from English as exam questions, on the other hand, they syllabus Word range restrictions they aloud Word range super class (because the super class is a serious problem, the candidates once the exam has the right look for you and accuse you of question mark). Topic and teacher trying super class of words in the article replaced with a foreign vocabulary in the syllabus, exam with the word "heel", so that the students can pass the exam.
  Faced with this word "fan" questions what do you fear, watch the teacher exam "lexical scope" defined it. Where China of English exam, test Qian teacher must will to you pointed out that a vocabulary range, this range or is this semester of textbooks, or is national of what exam outline, this range in including of words number although not easy short-term assault back Xia (this have addition by voice memory method to solution), but which including of fixed match number certainly small have quite can of, on this small range of fixed match "overnight" to test Qian assault about, absolute solution big problem. Range of words to peg the teacher exam.
  Above is what I gave you three, which seems only a fixed with little problem, but when you think about it, they did not solve the entire problem of English words three coup. BACK