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Primary composition twisters compilation

1, the Eight Immortals--------situation – 2, stuck between a rock and the river itself 3, pour water--------a sieve 4, Confucius's move-the book (lost) 5, the bottom umbrella----------------q 6, monk lawless 7, moth----------------rising suicide 8, Sesame flowering 9, complain aloud--------scampering 10, --------Joji monk scratching their heads 11, feather--------courtesy light but sent from afar, it conveys 12, 15 buckets--bulletin 13, open louver lanterns----------------bring themselves out 14, nephew as usual (uncle) 15, 16 Zhuge Liang Three Stooges--------top tie 17, pulling, hundred-meter race----------------rush 18, Chourenxiangjian--------fenwaiyanhong 19, superfluous--------Newcastle 20, the new Government took office three, blind fire 21 lights------------------------a candle 22, rabbit tail long, 23 chickens not corrosion----------------puff-meter Wang Po, 24, selling 25, sacrosanct cart----------------must not touch, 26, the tiger who dares 27, Imminent--------have to send 28, clean thatched----------------complete 29, the wall on both sides of the wind down 30, 36 meter--------zouweishangji 31, disguise--------knows fate 32, recruit-a-lot 33, bottom-hole frog--------shortsighted 34, timely--------to borrow a lot 35, rat--------crocodile tears, 36 Dumpling skin--------away 37, pole, carrying water--------hang two 38, pearls before swine----------------vain 39, Pat party ramble 40, Overlord toast--------not worked 41, plates made of nails--------run 42, rear drum door lights----------------please call 43, grass do careless (core) 44, bamboo shoots unearthed--------rising 45 , And Chopper cut tofu--------on both sides light mosquito abdominal in the showed fat--no oil boiling water pot in Cook crab--see you rampage to when mad girl told jokes--giggly please Wolf to guest--live have not patience lame by with blind go--complement each other dye square of regulars--womanizer car bad has steering wheel--rampage please sister-in-law company--disturbed good heart poor widow fair--VIP didn't people, to money didn't money mouse off tank--fashion (wet hair) hanxiangzi blow flute-- Extraordinary yellow mud fell into crotch in--not thing (shit) is thing (shit) yellow head Shang out angle--do overseas (sheep) phase weasel foraging--noticed a (chicken) Act Weasel of butt--put not out what good fart to mouse chew ball--guest (nibbling) gas monk Temple on with Nunnery--nothing also have something monk of muyu--collection not up mouth excluded teeth child worship master--shameless (tooth) of acts excluded child drink rice soup--shameless (tooth) dirty excluded child mouth mirror--face to face make a fool of sisters both game money-- Biff (rich) beggars addiction – sick (cigarettes) beggar Yangge dance-the happy dumpling skin is too thin and poor--inevitably betrayed Beijing Opera walk slowly--see the edge of the burning candle--a soft da camel says horse backbone puffy – more strange sores, chest sticking plaster--regardless of the consequences to sell flutes – boast BACK