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16 characters to teach you to play the 2012 exam English

Word and key have both junior high school graduate level tests and high school entrance examination for selection of dual nature. Test both exam based and stability, but also reflect the spirit of the new curriculum, enhancing language proficiency examination.
  Sum up 16 words: "setting the context, highlight the text, and emphasize the use and communicative".
  This year is the new target materials used in the first round of tests, compared with previous tests, there are two big changes, first is the addition of the hearing, the first question to hear five short answer questions, 5 mark, followed by the word blank consists of 15 questions to 10 questions, 10 minutes.
  Students often appear in review some of the following phenomena:
  , Lack of planning, listening of eternity, has not formed the habit of always hear, listen. While busy with the written portion of the answer in the examination, ignores the careful examining of hearing problems, so in the case of listening only to read it one or two times, students answer often undue errors in a nervous rush. Secondly, in a task-listening, not used to follow the requirements to complete a certain task, resulted in the selection of blank and when not to begin with.
  Recommended: students are usually required to enhance English learning and accumulation of knowledge, taking every opportunity to listen to the British and American people read and listen to, but this year's hearing problems, familiar with the examination hearing questions of voice, intonation, rate, listen to simulated hearing more than a month before the exam questions. Do a listening process, two, three, four investigations. To browse before hearing test, be aware, listening to cool, calm, focused and relaxed. Know how to catch the drift, focusing on key words, full consideration, and reasonable inferences. First step to stabilise, behind the written portion of the exam will have more confidence in the process, play a normal level.
  Second, a lack of teaching materials ' review, and summary of the basic knowledge, grammar items, and finishing, knowledge structure, fuzzy. No meditation further research for questions, blind "tihaizhanshu" spent a lot of time but with little success.
  Recommendation: teaching material is the basis for students to review and test, giving "this" fame, would be wasted. Graduate student in need of attention ability cultivation of self-review, learn to summarize points, clear context. Brain only in clear and complete "knowledge network", to handy when solving concrete problems.
  Class Hou more turned see yiqian do had of questions, and practice, especially those wrong problem, analysis reasons, acting clear thought, finishing antibody, as can by syntax, and fixed match, and communication terms, classification, also can refinement, put knowledge points series into a article line, compared Pro test Qian large "tihaizhanshu" took and consumption energy of practices, more can made twice of effect.
  Three dwelling on, some students in grammar, rather than develop the habit of reading aloud, the cultivation of the sense. Secondly, limited vocabulary, reading widely, and understanding errors of judgment led to the exam.
  Recommendations: in recent years the exam form few simple test grammar, language knowledge, and focus on the connection between form and meaning is the language, highlighted in a real context knowledge, grammar and communicative situations examined in English, emphasis on the knowledge of English as the ability to solve practical problems in context. Select the essay genre diversity in reading comprehension, themes, such as advertising, e-mail, travel guide, culture, history, science and culture, and topics from life, the main students ' access to information, the ability to process information, depending on the context and the ability to guess the meaning of the context, as well as in the understanding of the article as a whole on the basis of grasping the purport and meaning of language materials.
  New curriculum requires that students not only learn the language knowledge and mastery learning methods, and the importance of training their own thinking in English, master reading skills. BACK