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Pupils ' study time-control

Time management is an important aspect of students ' autonomous learning, is the basis of students ' autonomous learning self-management. Time is one of the most important resource, its immutability, no storage and alternative. "An idle youth in old age", learn to manage and utilize their time for young people is particularly important. However, the current pupils study self-management is inefficient, no plan and the lack of policy, specifically in the following areas.
  ⑴ lacks any sense of time management. Most students have no time concept, only learning passively, lack of planning, autonomy. Learning has long been "blind without a purpose" of the free State, with no tasks, no scientific allocation of time.
  B lack of time management method. Some students are aware of the importance of time, want to improve your efficiency, wants the teacher outside of class, according to their own rational and scientific allocation of time resources, but they generally lack suitable methodological guidance.
  C lack of time management will. Addition also some students, they understanding time management of importance, know "an inch, gold", also for himself set has specific of learning target and plans, and they can awareness himself whether effective to using has time, but they of problem is lack willpower, mind of idea and actual action exists is big gap, developed of plans always cannot insisted down, clearly know not should delay is to homemade, this makes they often produced anxiety, and contradictions and remorse of mood.
  Reasonable ability to effectively organize your study time is one of the most important qualities, learn time management strategy is an important aspect of learning strategies. From existing literature, time management strategies have a lot, but not totally suitable for the pupils, through analysis and comparison of theories and research findings, combined with the characteristics of pupils ' learning, self induced some pupils ' learning time management strategy.
  , Enhance the awareness of time management time supply no elasticity, Eastern Jin dynasty poet Tao Yuanming wrote a poem: "one does not return, the day difficult morning. When encouraged, time waits for no one. "Time is also an easy loss of material, it is impossible to store, the Tang dynasty poet Li Bai's" leaving me, yesterday can be left "line.
  Primary school children are at the beginning of life, as the rising sun, in the golden age of learning. Primary school teachers to make kids understand that one's life is a very limited amount of time, about l/3 life time in studying, l/3 is for social service, and finally l/3 is a stage of aging, which if removed, recreation, rest, sleep sick, effective learning and working time is very short, so be sure to cherish the time from childhood.
  In the usual teaching teachers can give students speak more about the time story, and then let the students talk about the listening experience.
  For example, you can tell students about sharpening, the story is not to miss the cut:
  Philosophers see a farmer cutting trees, each AX can cut off a small piece of bark-the axe is too dull!
  So the philosopher asked the farmer: "why don't you sharpen the axe to cut? "
  The farmer replied: "I don't have time to grind an axe! "
  Then ask students about the moral of the story, to experience how effective use of time.
  Teachers can launch students to collect some ancient and modern celebrities to conserve the story and about the time of the famous aphorism as a model for students of effective time management model. Can take advantage of the morning talking about class or class time for students to read a collection of stories, or put a caution on the Board each day, let the students experience the meaning of the class.
  Second, strict deadlines, time management is of utmost importance to cherish the present, today, to do today what you can do today. Li da-Zhao once said: "I think the most valuable in the world is ' this ', most easily lost is ' today '. Because he is the most easily lost, so that he can be valuable. "To let students know that everything should be based on" today, "operations research" today ", and" today "action.
  As the students finish their homework, teachers can require students to complete homework assignments with the time.
  1. Set time. Before each job, according to the amount of homework to the students an appropriate term, requiring students to complete in the time allotted.
  2. Grant awards. For serious homework children should be rewarded quickly and accurately, to complete a job hauling incentives are made, or even be punished. For example, students in the homework correctly within the allotted time, you can get a five-pointed star rewards, job hauling children do not have access to the five-pointed star, and so on.
  3. Compare before and after. The before and after comparison of time to finish my homework, students complete with a sense of accomplishment. For example, on the premise of job quality is the same, spent 20 minutes a few days ago, today only 15 minutes, you should praise students, allow students to feel successful.
  To guide each student according to their actual situation, estimate the time needed to finish my homework in advance, give yourself a requirement. If done well, self rewarding methods can be used to reward themselves, over time, children will continue to improve the speed and quality of jobs, and slowly realized the importance of to take the time to study. Self rewarding methods, will be detailed in the policy later.
  Three, setting realistic goals goals is the action of the compass. But the determination of learning objectives, is affected by many factors and influences, such as personal interests and the subjective and objective conditions, and so on. Reasonable to establish learning objectives, the following points should be noted.
  1. Goals must be made. Learning objectives should be developed by the students themselves, students participate in higher component of, and commitment to achieve goals more, students will work. The driving force for the achievement of the goals.
  2. Goals must be realistic. To guide students to seek truth from facts to set a goal, make a more scientific assessment on the current situation and forecasts. Have set the target too low, can be easily reached, not conducive to the development of their potential; have set the target too high, you may become castles in the air.
  3. Objectives must be measurable. Instruct students to establish clear and specific learning goals, at a glance, the indicators should be detectable. For example, the students set goals can be: reading a text in less than 30 minutes, was able to understand the meaning of the text, and understand the meaning of words in the text; through the efforts of one semester and math scores increased to over 90 minutes, and so on.
  4. Target to be layered. There is a long distance runner, is the prize-winner in the track and field. Once a reporter asked her winning secrets, she said, I have not received any special training, only when the race is divided into different sections and sections set a goal, the target can be a flag pole and a tree, can also be a sign. When I try from one target to the next Sprint until the finish.
  Learning as well as race. Everyone will have one ultimate goal, for example, admitted to a good high school or college. Before the goals we can set up your own small, faster, and more easily achievable goals. For example, in a test with one of the top three, or a piece of writing as a model by the teacher read aloud, and so on.
  5. Target must have a time limit. Any one learning objective, must be qualified to complete the term, in order to avoid delays in the.
  Four one hour prime time, understanding, learning the same hard, depending on different people due to mental conditions make significant differences in efficiency. Rational use of the most efficient learning is the key to effective learning, so students organized study sessions should be their most focused learning time, in other words, to take advantage of his day in the "prime time".
  According to research, when we arrange learning time, the following time period should not be overlooked.
  1. Belly too full or too slow when it is hungry, let students know that these times not suitable for learning.
  2. For most people, 8-10, and 3-6 is the most efficient of the afternoon sessions, about 1 o'clock noon and dusk is the worst; for evening reading, and 8-10 in the evening is the best time.
  3. Scientists have confirmed that the human memory has physical, emotional, intellectual three cycles. Day of the week, due to the long weekend break, form intelligence cycle, with the approach of a rest day on Monday and Friday, and mental decline.
  To keep the students the best learning, in addition to ensuring that adequate rest, also increasing physical activity instruction the students, out of an hour a day to exercise, in order to improve efficiency. Also to make the students understand that whenever you feel tired, you should pause to take a break for a while, drinking a glass of water or a walk, a short period of rest will head over and then concentrate on their studies.
  Five, setting regular study sessions with regular use of time, is a good way to enhance learning outcomes. According to the theory of Pavlovian conditioning, if fixed subject at a fixed time, whenever you open the book, on the parts of the brain will involuntarily excited, so as to achieve better results. Every morning at a fixed time and place back the foreign language words, over time, can enhance the memory effect. Just like every dinner time, people routinely get the secretion of saliva and gastric juice.
  Learn regular subjects at a fixed time, would not be in order to determine which of the learning account, complete a task and wandering, wasted time, activities to learning will become a habit.
  In the usual teaching teachers to help students develop habits of study within the allotted time and strictly avoid procrastination and dawdling. To make kids understand, learn when they should study hard, play when you can have fun. Within the prescribed time, and can't do and learn related things, from an early age to develop good study habits, learning to lay a good foundation for future high efficiency.
  Six, the use of fixed learning area to achieve their learning plans, learning spaces is important. When the students are in a good light, far from noise, where there are no distractions, able to focus on learning, their time would be more effective.
  Families with conditions can be arranged for children alone in a room. Children's desk in addition to learning the essential supplies, should not place any other object, so as not to distract their attention. Best lock drawers and cupboard, so that they haven't finished the homework situation clear drawers or do things that has nothing to do with learning. Front desk in addition to posting and learn about the map tables, formulas, pinyin should not post other things attract children's attention. Girls should not be placed on the desks of the mirror, not to allow children to watch TV while doing homework.
  Let the child know that a good learning environment is to rely on their own efforts to find and create, you should in a can make the learning environment.
  Seven success to strengthen self-regulation, self rewarding learning can effectively maintain motivation, enhance learning confidence and improve the efficiency of learning. Self incentive is a good strategy, and its essence is to link tasks with rest and recreation activities. After the completion of a certain task, you can reward yourself, such as watch TV, go to the bookstore or find partners to play with, and so on. But to ensure that incentives are learning goals can be carried out only after.
  For example, one student used to reward yourself: when must he speaking classroom teachers, reward yourself in your heart he said "I really"; when you finish your homework on time every day, reward yourself with a favorite chewing gum each quiz has made progress, reward yourself with a personal signature small awards. Therefore, he is always with a sense of urgency in the mood to learn towards speak up more in class, fighting for jobs completed, progress for quizzes and so on. In this way, his momentum increasing learning efficiency is also improving the collective unconscious.
  There is a college entrance examination "champion" to prepare a "self praise records", he has praised in the book yourself:
  Today I got 93 points in mathematics, this is maths rally for the first time in nearly two months. It seems that this period of hard work were not in vain, is worthy of praise.
  Moral: give yourself a reward an oral, three order of merit again.
  Material: Malan noodle eating ramen noodles on a bowl, buy chocolate chunk, a total of 29.
  Self reward is indeed development potential of a good method. But be sure to let the kids know that self reward not too casual, to correct self reward motivation. Award is not an end, but rather an incentive through rewarding accomplishment, strengthen confidence, conscious, active and motivated to tap the potential of learning.
  Time management skills can be systematic training from adolescence onwards. As a primary school teacher, our mission is to help students to recognize the importance of time, enabling them to live and study in consciousness in setting realistic targets, making plans, self-monitoring and stick around the target, reasonable time, continue to achieve academic success.