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On the theory of ancient Chinese poetry appreciation skills

China is a nation of poetry, only from the date the book of songs, and has been for more than 3,000 years of history. It was more than 3,000 years of history, on the poet, famous men, brighter than the stars; on the poems, famous and exciting competed with Li. Numerous outstanding chapters, has been popular, with broad and timeless charm and become valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. Inheritance of the college entrance examination in order to reflect the students ' poetry, poetry reading and appreciation of problems are set, the ability to direct the students ' appreciation of classical poems. As the highest level in the reading test, students master the basic methods and appreciation of poetry reading skills, it is difficult to get good grades. This entrance ancient poetry appreciation skills are discussed.
  And how to quickly grasp the essential elements of a poem in the examination room, a matter of poetry left candidates only six or seven minutes, quickly grasp the basic content of the poem is the key to candidate questions, are the basis for appreciation. Method has the following three points:   Poem is a poem reflects the sensibility of the eye's words, captures the poetic eye, also caught the author's feelings, captures the theme of poetry. Poems eye can in poetry title in the, as du of spring rain, a "Hi" Word directly expression has author on night one spring of joy of love; poems eye can in poems of body of a sentence in the, as du was called "ancient seven statements law first" of ascended poems in the "eye difficult bitter hate fan cream Temple" a sentence, put national national fate of hard and personal future fate of sad concentrated in a "hate" word in the, home country of hate let people was endless of heavy and bitter! Song Zhiwen in the CROSSING THE HAN RIVER once wrote "now, nearing my village, meeting people, I dare not ask a single question", "shy" character really expresses the banished writers go home, eager to learn about recent home, fearing the ambivalence at home.
  Poems are in a subject people to recharge after the poem, was on the authors could write this poem relevant background introduction, or it may be difficult to read words in the poem explains, may also involve allusions to poetry, to read the whole poem and the back of the answer sheet are essential, must not let it slip.
  (B) learn their proposition clearly put forward as early as distant ancient Chinese poetry "poem expressing ideal" claim, and said "poetry of ambition, ambition, statements for poetry." Poetry is the carrier of the subjective feelings of the poet, is a poet of the time, the direct reflection of the ups and downs of life and destiny of the poet, so understand the poet's life, thoughts, creative style, contribute to the understanding and grasping of his works.
  Xin Qi-JI had been in the forefront of the fight against the gold highlighted, after the South surrendered were sent out and combat, so the word fight for memories in full swing, or expression serve the country without resentment. Again as entrance in the times test to Wang Wei of poems, Wang Wei later seclusion Lam Tin Wang chuan, to Zen Wu poems, so has "poems Buddha" of said, and Meng Hao-ran's with for Sheng Tang landscape pastoral poems sent outstanding representative, again plus its people versatile, poetry outer, and good prose, and music, and calligraphy, and painting, and several who mutual effect, so its "poems in the has painting, painting", so, to landscape pastoral poems mainly, style or quiet indifferent or magnificent male wide, "poems in the has painting" is Wang Wei poems of main content and style. Certainly, as Li Bai of Yuefu song line very rich romantic color, 57 statements quatrains bold elegant; du life working poems and ill-fated, its poems to its patriotic worries people of passion, full and deep to reflect has rebellion before and after of broad reality; Su only Crown ancient, is officialdom ups and downs repeatedly was exclusion is detached open-minded, its poetry more to expression after life calendar refining Hou of a atmosphere, a sentiment, more reflected has he uncommon of life realm.
  (C) grasp the common types of ancient Chinese poems, many and varied, and can be broadly classified into the following categories:
  Give friends farewell poems. Are generally exhorted each other and praise each other, Express after a reluctant feelings or thoughts.
  Write poems. Such poetry types are up in ancient Chinese poetry, poems are describing scenes to express the poets or happy or sad or negative feelings that "all view language." Poems for tuowuyanzhi of, and express their interests, vision or ambition.
  Mountain Idyll. Describes the process of writing the forest silence, the field of leisure to show discontent against the reality of the poet, yearning for An Jingping and life.
  Reflecting the nostalgic poem. Description reflecting the worries expressed thoughts of hometown family and friends, sad sad, true and moving.
  Yong Shi poems Recalling antiquity, is the ancient rite of someone or something. Pursues the ancients, cherish the memory of the feeling of the table, but this is old and injury, express their ambitions pay anguish; reciting facts, mostly jiegufengjin, boom now bust laments or expression to the past.
  Above when it comes to quickly grasp the basics of poetry, rapidly understand the poem to the effect that on the basis of, the next step is to know the basic skills of expression.
  Second, understand the poetic expression of basic skills like reading and other literary works, the basic techniques of classical poems in the following two aspects.
  (A) the expression 1. lyric sonnets refers to the poem in sonnets and King has a direct expression of emotions and emotional words such as ideal aspirations. Chen Zi-Ang's youzhou,: "the sages, and gone after him, read heaven and faint, and I am all alone and my tears fall down. "Direct lyrical, expressing a sense of cosmic loneliness. Like "life is not desirable, I will loosen my hair tomorrow and take to a fishingboat", "but how much love has the inch-long grass, reported in the apartments", "whoever will die loyalty according to history" and so on, are sonnets, really touching.
  By King lyrics are very common in poetry, because Chinese poet poems have a common purpose-poetry in reserved. Poet of feelings often through scene description implicit to performance out, du Shu phase in the "reflected order green since spring, across leaves Orioles empty good sound", to Prime Minister Temple of snubbed hustled to expression fate bad, ambition difficult paid of lost; Li Qingzhao sound sound slow in the "Montreal Yellow stacked, Haggard loss, now has who Kan picked" expression out unlimited of bleak of love, moving to deep.
  2. the symbol and the symbol tuowuyanzhi was borrowed from a specific image to express particular things and feelings. Traditional imagery in the poems tend to be given a certain symbolic significance, such as Moon express huaiyuan, Sze homesick of Italy ancients see the flowing water is thinking time is fleeting, write better in spring and autumn leaf life love and the withering of life sad Willow combine nostalgia means ... ... Tuowuyanzhi and symbol of main difference is: tuowuyanzhi is through a species specific of things to expression subjective of ambition taste or moral, its understanding of focus is "records" of grasp Shang, as Yu Qian of lime yin is take on lime of description praises to expression himself keep innocent moral; poetry in the common of "three friends"--pine, and bamboo, and Mei and the blue, and chrysanthemum, and load also often is author used to express himself defying environment hard and keep noble conduct of things.
  3. set off, contrast and contrastive foil and contrast have in common is "minor sets off a major" set off the foil to the main thing is to use similar things, such as Li Bai in the Tian Mu yin rubetsu sleepwalking "in a straight line to heaven, its Summit enters heaven, Akagi potential five mask. Rooftop 18,000 feet, which, just at this point, begins turning Southeast. "These tall mountains, Akagi mountain and Tiantai mountain to set off the tall Tian Mu Shan. Contrast is with instead of things to foil main of things, poetry in the common of contrast way has to Le King lining mourning love, to moving lining static, to sound lining static,, Pavilion farewell in the "bi skylight, yellow to, westerly tight, North goose South fly, Xiao to who dye cream forest drunk, always away from people tears", this paragraph lyrics description has sky, and yellow, and autumn, and North goose, and as drunk of cream forest, scene since high and low, has far has near, movement combined, color bright, but due to love of people is long parting and return difficult material, Tears, this picturesque fall colors adding endless grief. Wang Wei in the autumn dusk "Moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of Crystal in its Brooks. Bamboo noise return Wun female, Lotus moving Xia fishing boat "several sentence, with springs sound, and Wun female home of said laughter, fishing boat in Yong in the set off Lotus leaves of moving to performance" empty mountain "of quiet better, also has Li Bai of Shu Road difficult in the" and smell child rules Crow night months, worry empty mountain ", to child rules night Crow sound to contrast nocturnal Shu road of cold.
  Compare and set off the biggest difference is that comparing the two are equal, no primary and secondary points and set off between the two main, bin liner. Liu Yuxi of the autumn term: "every autumn since ancient times sad, lonely, I say autumn than spring", since ancient times, people's sentimental and think "autumn than spring" in stark contrast to express their feeling optimistic.
  4. combination and realistic comparison of ancient poets in poems of great attention to colour, distance and movement to reconcile. Wang Wei of the 2007 college entrance examination II volume test of the new clear ambitions: "the new sunny yuanyekuang, as far as the atmosphere scale-free. Guo Menlin ferry, Cun tree Creek. Outside the baishuimingtian, after bi Feng mountain. Farming is no idle, doing housework South acres. "Triple major in front is still King, the last couplet farmers toiled in the field of view, dynamic view and static view a nice contrast.
  Reality is relative, for real, non-virtual, real solid, dream for Tiger, described it, talk about virtual ... ... Liu Yong of the Bell ringing in the rain in a Word, word poem written on front of parting scene, flashback vision on its authorities under various scenarios, this is the virtual writing, through a combination of the words to express the sadness of parting devotion.
  (B) the rhetorical device common in poetry and rhetoric in the law metaphor, personification, hyperbole, antithesis, parallelism, repetition, Pun, etc.
  It is worth emphasizing is that poetry questions, often have "authors to express feelings using what methods? "Or" what are the benefits of this (role)? "Both asked the essence of the method is to examine students ' appreciation of presentation skills, and there is rhetoric, from the perspective of rhetoric to answer; otherwise, it should be combined with full appreciation of the poem from the expression.
  Three skills, answer and score (a) range of familiar questions, a clear answer to the appreciation of ancient poetry and prose requirements of the syllabus are "appreciate the image of literature, language and communication skills", "evaluation of the ideological content of literary works and authors of attitude", here mainly refers to the ancient literary works of poetry, words, music.
  1. the image in ancient poetry, the image can be either character, can also be a scene, can also be a thing when the author to express thoughts and feelings, often by sending a Valentine from the way, complex and deep inner feelings projected onto the objective to reach the "meaning" and "like" the mutual communion, unity, which is "image". Therefore, the image of poetry appreciation, its ultimate goal is to seize the main features of images, feel the author's subjective feelings.
  2. the hot language language often has the following two points:
  (1) the poet tempered by words of appreciation. Ancient poems focus on diction and sentences, "two to three years, a song all my tears flow" for example. Therefore, often have many exquisite and vivid place, the use of such words as verbs, adjectives, and answer should be an accurate interpretation of such words in the sentence and contextual meaning of the poem, and analysis its authors to express the role of and use of accurate and vivid, concise and vivid language.
  (2) hold the style of poetic language. Common language in poetry style: refreshing, natural and rustic, bold and elegant, tactful, generosity, tragic, beautiful words, rhyme, etc.
  3. presentation skills to solve this type of question should be familiar with poetry common skills based on careful examining. Answer is: based on questions asked to point to the expression used by skill (representation, rhetorical or structural skill), and combined with the brief analysis of the poem, analyzed such techniques to better express the role of emotion, that is what Tips – how to use--the role of.
  4. content and the author's attitudes to accurately evaluate the work's ideological content, must build on the whole content, carefully distinguish words in poetry, appreciate author's diction was intended, so as to know the thoughts and feelings of works contain, words cannot be to conclude, cannot be taken out of context.
  (B) refining the answer language, learn to answer answer poetry questions to pay special attention to the answer strategy of "question and answer" questions, to "ask, answer"; "reviewed topics" general use "total----total" mode, that is, "wrote what--how to write poetry--read benefits". Meanwhile, candidates should answer concerns topic contains scores, because the college entrance examination score generally have a clear recovery point, as to Title 4, the answer generally answered from two aspects, 3 minutes, the answer may be to use three words, answers from three perspectives.
  The above analysis shows that, although the appreciation of ancient poetry is difficult, but so long as the confidence, skills, coupled with training and accumulation, we will be able to emerge in the exam, achieve the desired results.