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Watch out for composition in the exams for six major issues that often arise

Composition is accounted for in the Chinese college entrance scores the biggest piece, someone says "composition, language". Avoid common problems in writing, you can easily test languages.
  1. solid foundation.
  In the usual reading, some students not fluent, structure and rational, writing is not standardized, see typos, such errors are the most common errors.
  2. the topic is not clear.
  In the annual college entrance examination in the grading of composition, will have some examines all of the phenomena, such as Beijing rolls "I have a pair of invisible wings" write-only "wings" don't write "I" phenomenon. Also has last to students layout a article composition looking for romantic of mood some students only wrote "romantic of mood" not wrote "looking for", especially 2009 entrance Shandong volume, to "witness" for problem, some students on "witness" understanding not accurate, no make understand "witness" of subject, "witness" of subject should is event of bystanders, and non-by see event of experience who.
  3. the material is not new.
  In reality, some students usually do not focus on accumulation, some students write a composition material is almost confined to the several examples of fixed, expression is fixed, this cannot help but put the old material, the appearance of lack of contemporary issues. Read who don't care about reality, narrow the candidates in writing of the "past", Qu Yuan, Xiang Yu, Sima Qian, Zhang haidi, who is the subject of some students, only see the marking compositions, even if the rest of the expression of good, also because these vulgar examples affect scores.
  4. the style is unknown.
  In usually of lectures in the, some students even "description" and "narrative" are points not clear, as long as in prose in the appeared is case description, they on think is narrative sex prose, and, and, and, and, and, and in entrance in the, some students wrote of articles half used to narrative, half used to talk, results make have two not like, some students wrote talk paper, put argument are ignored has. Some students to some ancient style, and well, then destiny is imagined.
  5. bad language.
  I've been saying to students, entrance essay, for each word carefully, every paragraph carefully, then score you will be more careful, so language to pass scrutiny, temper, if in some expressions of pale, poor words, words, expressions, then the problem may be a fatal problem. And some students in ancient vernacular form, displays the depth of the article, marking results difficult to understand meaning of the article in a short time, college entrance examination marking time, so scoring will look for your short, natural high score less than where it's going.
  6. roll surface clean.
  Some students do not have the habit of writing an outline, and some students used correction fluid or altered strips, forming a habit, in exam responses, can only be altered, it will inevitably cause a dirty, messy, grass, so it should be noted that an examination of high composition requirements: do not seek beauty in calligraphy, but it must be neat and clear. Not for writing elegant, but cl BACK