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College entrance exam review is focused on the main points of review rather than mechanical answer

At the mention of the college entrance examination, appear in the scenario before us is: later retirement still brightly lit classroom, students chasing the sea; yawning are still strong spirit, Shu ' an next to coffee, essential balm, ready to deal with the Sandman comes. Scratch paper noodle covered a variety of digital symbols, children dig up their tired, is nothing but the sea vast still exist. Of course, college entrance examination to review a lot of the problem, it goes without saying that things. Review of college entrance examination in the review, rather than the problem. Review is the final step in learning, with the knowledge that is systematic, organized and integrated process, is higher and deeper levels of awareness, and make knowledge even as a whole, and to look for links between knowledge and laws of evolution and change, and the problem is only one of the important links. If a student does not know this truth, when just the problem, instead of looking for work on laws, not only not to the problem of the effect, problem and not a lot, it will only be a waste of time, hinder military operations. If you as a parent, children busy when the teacher assigned a bunch of exercises, but also to parents prepared for sea war, that will really let the children lost in the sea at a loss.
Of course as parents, sometimes contradictory, watching other children Shun Shun Lely admitted to the University, mentions the experience is said to be good, then more questions. Indeed, the benefits of becoming a problem like cram, only on a variety of questions seen and dealt with during the test to handle so as not to panic because of the encounter unfamiliar problems, besides maybe run into similar types of examination is not known. It is in such a State of mind and under the influence of parents, teachers and students on the problem this way, lest the topic too little, for fear that still hasn't seen his title. So get the topics are often buried without saying it. Essentially this is a great deal of blindness. The so-called "mountain of the sea", entitled How to do, it also means how many questions do not eliminate children's anxiety and fear breed blind only makes yourself look my way, instead of fear will only grow. Other children through a sea of war can be successful, this means that for him this is a suitable method, and there is a certain preconditions. Do you think his accomplishments, base must be very good. Book the principles he had learned, so strengthening exercises, more questions, so that practice makes perfect. And your kids, the book he does not understand the basic principles of, if its going to become a problem, his speed is too slow, spent a lot of time, rarely do the questions, this is a waste of time. Let the first read, understand the principle, then become a problem. At this time he did every 1 problem, knows why he did this, do this 1 questions to do 10 questions. And because he knew the principles do, become a problem and significantly faster, he had time to do 1 questions can now be made of 10 questions, math, his efficiency is increased by 100 times, think this is a good deal? So the learning experience of others sounds very good, very reasonable, but does not necessarily apply to your child. Learning has its own laws, only follow the laws of learning, to learn to be relaxed and efficient.
Many parents in guiding their children in revision, not according to the specific circumstances of children, help children comprehensive review course content, but with time spent on solving problems, and excessive exercise homework, trying to tihaizhanshu to improve their children's performance, so as to mislead children. I think all the review should stick to the textbook, textbook focusing on the principle of, and teach your children to learn to read, summarize and improve thinking ability as the objective, students master the basic principles on the basis of increasing exercise.
Always deep and deepening the process of people's awareness. So the difficulty of the exercise should be implemented progressively, gradually increase the difficulty. Some students do exercises only in the degree of difficulty over the college entrance examination, students will meet the University entrance exam more difficult. I think there is some truth to this way of thinking, we should let children know the difficulty of college entrance examination as early as possible, so that they understand the task in front of them. But the key question is how I can find a way to put their current levels, increased to close to or above the level of college entrance examination. Otherwise, if not help them overcome current difficulties, moved across the mountain in front of them, then class does not understand, only thirty or forty minutes each exam (out of 150), and would have shaken their confidence. Because there is no hope, only despair.
In fact, our children are smart, just understand the principle, most of the exercises will do, by listening to the teacher again and read some typical examples, they raise the level very quickly. Some teachers in the teaching process, had met with many mathematical shivers students back interest in mathematics is no longer afraid and proportions. Their trick is to help them find the key to math the door. Once in the door, as to how far you can go on their own. This tip is actually very simple, is to reduce the difficulty, snatching from the child's physical, taught them the basics of learning methods. Don't be afraid of lack of time, the child's learning potential is very large, as long as the door, see the hope, their learning progress remarkably quickly, learning momentum makes you feel incredible. As for those problems, because basis points higher, acquired knowledge and a wide range of difficult nature reduces, the challenge is no longer difficult. Because this study is absolute, and the difficulty is relative, because they cannot, is no longer difficult.
All in all, is a competition forms of examination of college entrance examination, so to prepare for a general review of not only feature requires comprehensive, detailed and have some depth and difficulty, and requires the right strategy and tactics. But the final embodiment is to improve children's learning and thinking skills, and be reflected in the college entrance examination scores. BACK