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Rose early to Chinese high test scores tips

Glyphs of the basic knowledge of question Words and pronunciation, punctuation, phrases, sentences need back. They score very little of it, but do not affect performance. To these questions, not only can't spend too much time and cannot be completely disregarded, recommends following the teacher's progress.
  Classical Chinese reading so many kids are so afraid of classical Chinese reading, in fact, it's not that hard, classical Chinese reading test is the ability to understand. Preparation of classical Chinese reading is the best way to read, pay attention to pauses when you read it, you would be able to read an article when there is no prose of punctuation, then you can understand without comment about should be up early prose reading should be no problem.
  Appreciation of poetry more poetry appreciation of the problem you will find: poetry, the answer to the question back and forth form that words like "static and dynamic", "putting feeling into view", "feeling" and so on. Because poetry appreciation without asking you the meaning of poetry, verse and rhetoric, role on the special words in the structure and content. So just imagine the imagery in the poem, immersive feeling to feel that and state your feelings and set up closest to the word, the answer comes out. Series natural high score, of course.
  Seemingly wide range of poetry, write poetry from memory to carry a lot of things, but hilarious is the focus of examination. So all reciting on the basis of statements as a focus for reciting classic is a good strategy. Remember, of course, the key word in the sentence to firmly, otherwise white hard show.
  Modern reading this piece include technology and reading literature. Two types of articles are focused. So-called key sentence is the question (questions) content-related sentences. Science and technology is to focus and topics related to the sentence from the micro perspective "button wording"; literary text is to have a grasp on article based on mining the deeper meaning of the sentence. Of course, you also need to train language. Training is best to find real training, be a worse problem than do more harm. Do not answer too much, to do "do not talk nonsense, said."
  Composition (first class Exam 101 middle school this year increased the testing of composition) a good composition, in addition to having healthy and clear theme, beautiful and lively text, also has a full, consistent, smooth structure. Appropriate collecting material in the usual, and strengthening ex BACK