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Parents teach children the kind of tone

In the family, parents and children to communicate, the tone is a very crucial point. For example sometimes criticize the child, parental tone too strict, or very strong, no children speak, can hurt a child's self-esteem, children would like to think he was wrong, perhaps even rebellious, and parents about it. These would not reach the ultimate goal of the education of the parents, so tone in communication, is the crucial point. Following are some of the parents for the correct tone to communicate with children.
(A) the tone of trust child who wants to enjoy the confidence of adults, especially parents, so when he speaks to children showing full confidence.
If children want to learn to play badminton, you speak in a tone of trust: "I believe as long as you work hard, learn, must be able to learn to play. "Which gives children confidence and make him understand, only in order to be successful. If using a sarcastic tone: "passion like you want to play? "It will bring harm to a child's self-esteem so that he not confident in their abilities.
(B) respectful tone from two or three years old, child's ego began to grow, as we get older that self awareness is growing strong. Children have some of my own ideas, shows that children know their own strength and abilities.
When he presented his views and requirements, don't think he doesn't listen to you and talk to you about it, and brutally against him. If you want children to learn English, but he wanted to play with friends for a while, you can't lose your temper: "bigger is not obedient, do not study hard, to see what to do when you grow up. "It only makes the child more disgusted to learn. Should use the respectful tone: "you stop playing for a while, however, is over, be sure to learn English. "Kids are more willing to accept.
(C) discuss the tone of every child is self-esteem. Want the child to do something, consult available tone, let him understand that he is equal to you, you respect him.
For example, you want kids toys tidy litter on the ground, so to speak: "stars, toys, litter, many bad habits, you pick up toys with mother OK? "Don't use the command tone:" How do you do, toys, litter, hurry to Pack! "Otherwise, the children hear you blame, resentment, even by doing what you asked, is not happy.
(D) appreciated the tone of each child has advantages, expressive and found the child and appreciate the advantages, makes him more likely to show.
Children draw a picture, maybe they're not very good, children paint the enthusiasm and earnest effort is most valuable. When children hold a picture for you to see, not understatement to cope with a few words: "painting, practiced hard. "This will make kids lose enthusiasm and confidence in the painting. Appreciated the tone of his works should be used: "imagine my baby picture so well, to continue their efforts, will draw better. Child's desire satisfied, happy experience, drawing more interest.
(E) encouraging tone to children was not at fault, that's not possible. When a child does something wrong, not simply criticism blaming, but help him with his lessons in mistakes, gain experience, encouraged him to succeed again.
As a child for the first time to help my mother brought jobs dropped to the ground and broke, you can't blame him: "even a bowl end instability, that's stupid. "This would hurt the children the confidence and courage to try new things. Should encourage tone: "you accidentally broke the bowl, it's OK, try it first with your fingers after scalding hot not to end. "In this way, taught him a method of practice, gives the children confidence to try again.
When the parents communicate with their children, do not see themselves as a child all the time elders and friends should see themselves as a child, when such communication children will open to you something that you as a parent when the child does not tell you the secret, then parents can better understand the child in order to educate children. Of course, in the communication still needs to tone. BACK