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Entrance child "psychological problem" need "medicine"

Survey results show that children's mental health status of college entrance examination is grim, 71.6% children have mild to moderate mental health problems, the majority of children there are obvious "mood swings", "pressure", "anxiety" and "poor adaptability", and so on. Further analysis found that girls in "depression", "anxiety" score was significantly higher than that of boys, "Adaptive bad" score was lower than boys, indicating that girls learn life better adaptability, their mood swings. The survey also found that, the children of divorced parents "mood swings" scored high, emotionally stable enough, indirectly reflects the influence of family factors on children's psychological.
"Medicine": increased motivation, enhance communication between teachers and students in the past studies have shown that children's mental health affects the efficiency of learning and academic achievement, motivation of the candidates who can establish a sound mental health, emotional stability, harmonious interpersonal relationship, ego is correct, positive life attitude. Investigations showed that most of the lost are those who don't pay attention to enhance the college entrance examination accomplishments, does not focus on psychological quality of blind "candidate". Therefore, parents should know about children's psychological state of college entrance examination to improve children's mental health.
The survey also found that motivation level, the quality of the teacher-student relationship and children's mental health. Entrance child "motivation is too weak", 17.3%, "motivation is too strong", 24.3%, "interest in trouble", 4.4%, "learning goal trouble", 18.8%; 76.4% of children "learn to get ahead", there are some children "learn to repay my parents for" understanding goals there are a lot of confused child in learning. In the "overall level of teacher-student relationship", there are 74.8% children have "moderate trouble", 12.3% children have "serious problems" 40.2% child "on the emotional distance between teachers and students" there is a serious problem, reflecting the relationship between teacher and child is valued, and the lack of mental ability to communicate with teachers.
Day college entrance examination candidates spend most of their time is spent in school life, so and accompany teachers to establish a good relationship between teachers and students, establish the correct motivation, on psychological state of college entrance examination is essential. Motivation is too high or too low, are not conducive to improving academic performance, only a moderate degree of motivation, to keep interested and motivated, and comfortable in the entrance examination.
Boys and girls in learning motivation varies. Surveys show that girls "too strong motivation" than boys, and "interest in trouble" is obviously less than boys, that girl students ' interest is strong, but high expectations, in the face of stress and frustration of the college entrance examination more prone to mood swings. Boys in the "status of teacher-student relationship problems" scored significantly higher than girls, that boys look forward to teacher's care. General high school health in "learning motivation too strong", and "learning target troubled", and "teachers and students relationship troubled" scored Shang are above vocational high school children, reflect out general high school children in learning Shang requirements high, in learning Shang often input more energy, constantly developed learning plans and target, this high of self expectations sometimes and actual inconsistent, so they more hope get teacher of identity and support.
Which seems, entrance children in should entrance pressure Shi, parents should focused on inspired and training children right of learning motivation, encourages they active strengthening and teacher of communication, towards more of psychological support, for entrance success lay psychological base laid "heart drug" of II: created harmony family environment people of psychological quality and should pressure of capacity is and family factors points not open of, entrance candidates of psychological state and parents of education way has close of contact. About survey through children on parents education way of recalled sex evaluation found, girls in father "bias love", and mother "refused to denied" and "punishment severe", test in the of scored obviously above boys, reflect out most family in the father tendencies Yu bias and love daughter, on daughter of all requirements most not added refused to, performance out and good and care of side; mother is instead, often in daughter before without hide to vent himself of discontent mood, on daughter of behavior will proposed more of intervention and accused, on children rarely accommodation. Survey shows that evaluation is better than the mother of the daughter to father. For this case, most of the family education in the past emphasis on parents to improve their education, ignoring the children responsibility and initiative to enhance parent-child communication. In fact, parents should also usually guide children through the strategies of "empathy" to gain the psychological support of parents and family.
In the investigation, we also found that parental children of divorced families where the father "warmth and understanding" score low on, stated that this type of family candidates benefited less father's love and caring, they are volatile, emotionally stable enough. As a parent, the child of divorced parents should give more care and understanding, so that they walked out of the shadow of the family changes as soon as possible. While encouraging their children to actively participate in family adjustment and construction, assume their responsibility for the family.
Certainly, entrance candidates of psychological health far more than above several, parents can through related psychological health education, improved education way, for entrance children created good of learning life environment, but most important of inspired children of subject sex, encourages children through itself of efforts, strengthening psychology knowledge of learning, improve himself of psychological quality level, only such, to in entrance of fierce competition in the invincible. BACK