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How parents deal with students before and after school "school phobia"

Beginning soon, fears of proximate cause increase in students seeking psychological adjustment to school. Reporter visited a number of counseling agencies find not only good students fear going to school, good students fear school.
Case one: good grades but refusing to go to school Xiao Qing (not her real name) is a high-achieving high school girls, school just around the corner, she stressed. But MOM took her to the huilongguan hospital on Friday, psychologist.
Xiao fine last November had signs of weariness, mothers are also scratching their heads. "My daughter is good, among teachers and students like her, do not know why is reluctant to go to school. "
"The term ' school phobia ' up. "Liu Huaqing, Director of the Clinical Psychology Department in huilongguan hospital admissions last week three school phobia, Xiao Qing is one of them.
Liu said that many children with fear has good grades, fear, personality, family upbringing, education and school related. Parents such as shine often on business, she grew up with Grandpa and Grandma, always put the nanny, close strong enough and my parents even think with people's burden, lack of friends, always lonely, pessimistic. "Now is the fear of school, if you don't adjust, even affecting future relationships. "
Liu: "some parents use the holiday to change the rate of high school or transfer a class, changes in circumstances or are likely to cause school phobia. "
Case two: opening notes survived the first grader son Xuan Friday (not his real name), grade point average, thought that he was afraid of school, said on Friday he even begged dad find someone open a about a week's sick leave. He told his father: "we control most of the first week of school, homework, exam, checks ... ... Just missed it these days. "
Elementary and middle school students in Beijing Wen Fang introduced the psychological counseling Center Director, before the start of each semester is psychological counseling once a week during the peak. Before the start of the children's psychological problems include five classes, Zi Xuan can be basically classified as skip. There are also grievances, vent, anxiety, communication type. Xiaopeng of pupils (not his real name) belong to the vent, because opening soon, Xiaopeng and night hang over these two days playing online, crazy last.
Case three: hoping to buy gifts for the class of school not only fear is the psychological problems of school, some students are desperate to start.
Second boy Xavier (not his real name) fall into this category. The day before yesterday, Xavier Xavier's father found a bag of various jewelry, toys, this is Xavier and used the money to buy gifts, going to a school for students.
Analysis of Wen Fang, such children psychological problem belongs to the Association. They generally home is strict, holiday nothing and the opportunity to reach students, a vacation hold is broken, just looking forward to school. Wen suggested that parents let their children pay more contact with peers, meet their communication needs.
Tips: parents need to learn to listen to the first week of school, many students will be in class sleep, don't want to go to school and so on. Liu suggested that parents don't scold, together to analyze the causes and help them adjust the schedule.
Wen Fang said that children themselves have to find the vent channel, was uncomfortable and get a talk can also talk to a few good friends, reduce anxiety, parents will have to learn to listen, avoid outrageous sermons.
Students will go through the mill to student growth is necessary, children today encounter setbacks tend to slack a little bit, on a daily basis, parents must also pay more attention to building up the capacities. BACK