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Parents blame their children, might as well put some "sugar"

Blame kids, parents will instantly think of black first, then swallow, to blame wrapped in a thin layer of "sugar-coated", then go to their children. You will find that children may become more and more to your liking, is becoming more and more outstanding.
It is said that children are natural-born creator, are natural predators. This is not true.
One day, after work, Tong Tong obediently to ready my slippers, my package through, give me away. I thought to myself do not know if this little girl in mind what the devil, smiled.
See me smile, Tong Tong was whispered to me: "Dad, our little fish seemed to hold the stomach bulge. "With that, hung his head.
I went to the Aquarium and found fish turned belly up, becomes thick and white water in the fish tank, fish tank while a few milk boxes. I know what's going on, Tong Tong is to pour the milk into the tank, causing all these fish, "killed".
To be honest, I was very angry, smiles was away, frighten tongtong straight sofa hiding in the corner.
Wife just back, Tong Tong ran to his wife in her arms and said, "MOM, you're not that nutritious milk, I had do to grow taller? I just wanted to let small fish to grow faster. "
I knew that tongtong to think, forgave her immediately. However, I have to let her know that her behavior is wrong.
I am Tong Tong said, "tongtong, you have imagination, to make fish grow faster, you are willing to drink milk like goldfish. Dad wanted to praise you. But you wouldn't know that fish loves to drink milk, and cool to feed a goldfish milk. Look, the goldfish are dead, what a pity, what do you think? "
Tong Tong said to me: "Dad, I was wrong. "I touched the Tong Tong, Tong Tong tells why goldfish do not drink milk.
Let your child read errors, don't have to blow a beard, staring eyes, kept his temper, not to tango to blame wrapped in a layer of "sugar", let the child first tasted the sweetness and then pointed out that child's mistakes, it's easier for children to accept, parent-child relations are more harmonious.
On one occasion, when eating, Tong Tong visited to watch TV without attention to the Bowl on the table, accidentally rub the Bowl falls to the ground and broke it.
If I am Tong Tong said: "eat, can't watch TV, how many times have I told you, how do you still remember? "Tongtong would not listen to my words.
I am Tong Tong said, "is a bad dad, not help you take care of the dishes, it slid under the table? I will not help you, you are responsible for it. "
I finished this, Tong Tong was embarrassed. However, Tong Tong also took comfort in mind, each time after dinner time, Tong Tong will be very attentively, even if the TV show then better, she would turn off the TV and then eating.
Another time, I was using the same method:
Home to the guests, Tong Tong started as a young master brings the guest tea, I was very happy, also praised tongtong sensible.
However, I'm talking to guests in the living room, Tong Tong interrupting while hopping after jumping on the sofa and let my guests and I can't talk.
"Tongtong, you go to the library and draw it! "I am Tong Tong said with a stern look.
"No, I want to dance to your uncle. "With that, right in front of us danced the dance. Guests smiled awkwardly to me, I feel bad.
"Tongtong, you see, uncle to a good impression on you, you are an obedient child, brought Uncle water, dance and make Uncle happy. However, the uncle and dad have something to talk about, and there you are, we can't talk about it. Otherwise this way, my uncle said to me before wanted to see you draw pictures, you paint a picture Uncle! "
My tone was conciliatory, but believe that tongtong can have listened to my reproof, here she really affected our conversation. After listening to my words, she obediently goes to the library, until the guests have left, Tong Tong did not come out.
If I am directly blaming Tong Tong, Tong Tong, maybe more "renlaifeng", so I lose face, Tong Tong did not face, Tong Tong small pride, can't hurt, but I would like to praise her, blame her, she would have been willing to accept.
Is the child warm Harbor, but if parenting styles are not properly, will make the home hurtful place, especially for child heart damage. This generally comes from parents ' unconscious, just let the children find it hard to accept, and will directly affect the child's emotional, even a child's development.
Blame kids, first you will instantly think of black swallow, to blame wrapped in a thin layer of "sugar-coated", then go to their children. You will find that children may become more and more to your liking, is becoming more and more outstanding. BACK