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Good parents is better than a good teacher teaches you how to be a good father and mother

Good parents is better than a good teacher. A certain sense, more important than entrance tests. How to achieve the desired objectives? "Good parents is better than a good teacher", third what should parents do? Junior parents what to do? Third grade what can parents do?
Attitude adjustment to optimize mood and some parents worry about kids in the third left behind, just to see the kids wave on the tension and saw children playing in a hurry, wait for kids learning, are improving all the time ... ... The emotions affect the children of parents, making them anxious, worried that his worry that, they cannot concentrate.
The other hand, some parents exaggerated the third hard causing the child to be feared. In fact, natural is the second day of the first grade, third grade learning task is heavier, facing test pressure will be bigger, which must be faced as they grow up, face it.
The midterm is over, children's performance varies: some are excellent, some general, some progress, some decline ... ... Parents don't be impatient, which is also normal. Regardless of the situation of children in the process of learning what, parents have to keep a positive attitude, trying to influence a child, face third day of additional learning tasks and pressures facing the difficulties of life, attitude is everything.
About children understanding the child as a parent, want to do their best to help their children make progress.
Teachers to be individualized, doctors should prescribe, is to proceed from reality. So, kids actually like? Did you know? If would like to know which aspects are included:
First of all, to understand the general character of middle school students: they feel grown up, independent consciousness, not listen to the opinions of parents; as they grow older, you may experience emotional distress; the third study subjects increased, more difficult, not used; teachers and parents continued to strengthen, a lot of pressure. Children need encouragement, guidance, supervision and help.
Secondly, I want to know your child: is there any clear goal? What kind of goals?
Learning, learning, learning, learning methods, school level character, psychology, system, how to? Advantages and disadvantages? Lack of confidence is also proud? Need to encourage or challenge?
Pressures are not so big? What is confusing? What are the difficulties?
Kids will be kids, and sometimes hard enough, sometimes lack of concentration ... ... These are normal, the key lies in how to guide.
According to actually help children according to actual children, and helping children. First train third consciousness: active consciousness, sense of purpose, sense of responsibility, hard work (hardship), research, efficiency consciousness; and children set goals and targets. Goal is to meet the child's actual (normally, hop-hop can reach), try to let the child know how to be your best self. Parents have good intentions into the child's own intentions and actions, but do not compare with others, to prevent excessive expectations.
Help children also include with your child to develop the third study plans, can separate the long planned, short arrangements, such as daily learning plans, weekend learning plan, learning plan, the section timing of holidays, methodically, step by step. In addition, check and implement plans, look for problems in learning: issues like careless, listening is not enough to concentrate on the problem. Let your child find out ways to solve the problem, look for growth.
Stimulate children's desire to learn, encourage, guide, tolerance, help untie knots, overcome low self-esteem, ego, fear, unfocused, and so on. If the child psychological pressure is too large, can also turn to the school psychology teacher or psychologist. Learning of children, to turn to the teacher.
Half term the greater focus on results over to see children in schools in what? To help children deal with the relationship with the teacher; help children with good relationships with students; correcting bad habits and laying good foundation for high school.
Might as well take a look at, what causes children grades? Figure out a good stick, what accounts for the decline, and resolved in a timely manner. Asking children to implement learning routine: Preview, lecture, review, homework, exams, revision; to understand children's learning attitudes, approaches, initiatives, make clear success = hard work + correct + talk less and reasonable arrangements to make full use of time.
In addition, home-school cooperation, organization of the school: such as quizzes and final exam, mock exams, preparing courses and our children's adjustment, need to meet a parent such as checking the recitation, follow the teacher's pace. Keep abreast of the situation of children in the schools, communication performance of the children in the House about the examination and enrollment policy changes, to affect their children, what to do to prepare for, and so on.
May wish to "knife tofu mouth"
Distance tests only 200 days left, in such an important moment, parents should "shameless" for all child-friendly learning methods and help, help children get good grades. For example, regular contact with teachers, contact with children convince their elders and children. In the third year, "cheek" parents are good parents.
Entering the third, parents should focus on two issues: first, parent-child communication; the second is to help children improve achievement.
Use parent-child communication skills first, to know how to motivate children to keep.
Allow children to pursue, the most important thing is for parents to clear their own bottom line, and what children can do, and what not to do. In this process, be sure not to let the children "overcome" the parent's bottom line. But at the same time, when parents hold the bottom line, be sure to pay attention to skills, that is, "knives, tofu mouth." Hurry up before the party, was the loser. So parents got to be kind, firm.
Second, do not have "comparisons".
Children are in the age of the universe. Not smart enough children are actually more self-esteem of the child, to good use, can keep children for the "bright future". So parents don't fight children. Not to compare your child with other children their age, "the Joneses". For children their age not really perfect, kids tend to watch each other's faults, so comparing his child and the child, often unconvincing. If you want to help your child set an example, you can set a little higher and further examples, usually are very good, such as champion of the previous school, or one of the previous students.
Third, the "guardian".
A qualified parents must play two roles, the most basic is the role of "guardian", the second character is called "parents" of educators. Many parents were not ready when the first role, always wanted to do a second role, the cart.
Guardian has two meanings, one is the "supervisor" to monitor. Monitor child's behaviour and the circle of life, and to some extent their children learn life; "nurses" is love, we know most of the parents care for their children. Parents should do on the monitor would have liked, to fulfil her responsibility as educators.
Integration of resources to help children's education is divided into parent education, school education and social education, and education in these three areas, parents are bridges. So parents need to do bridge, tripartite communication, integration of third-party resources to help children learn. When parents in tripartite communication, the most important principle is that most convincing teacher must find a child. Most convincing teacher, must be the primary educators of children. Children listen to their favorite teacher. School-age students need role models in mind, needs a hero. Find the child hero and role model, children's education is half the battle. So, by the parents and children communicate, and communicate with, and find out the child's favorite teacher. Then, parents can just the daily life problems, learning problems make teachers to intervene.
Remind the wrong for middle grades students, are not applicable. Because results medium following of students each copies papers wrong of topics are more, if let students do wrong problem registration, has three big harm: first, to finishing of content too much, waste time; second, large wrong problem of finishing, will let students has "failed confirmed" mood, then on himself produced suspected, not confidence; third, spent has large time finishing wrong problem Hou, instead didn't time put wrong of knowledge again strengthened learning, do wrong complex problem this of meaning on lost has. Only those students with good grades, doing the wrong work. BACK