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Parents must read: how to deal with the third child of the "plateau phenomenon"

In daily study, especially in the third-year review, often for such a phenomenon: Although some kids studied hard, but often travel in a certain level does not rise, or even decline. What the hell is this thing? How can we effectively solve it?
Psychologically, this phenomenon is called the "plateau phenomenon". Its characteristics are as follows: in the process of formation of learning ability, skilled in the practice of late, skills development is not like when I started training gradually increased, but progress is often a temporary pause, "pause", the achievement is rising.
Plateau phenomenon is how to come about?
In short, there are four main reasons:
First, biological factors. Such as poor health, fatigue or illness, often allow people to feel the straw, which caused a decline in mental skills improve slower or.
Second, the psychological factor. The decline in interest, motivation weakened, tired of learning, or the absence of dogged determination, difficult to retreat, or anxious, once the grades are not complaining, impatient, etc, all these psychological factors can result in stagnation.
Third, reasons for learning. Learning is a kind of mental activity, results need to change old activity structure and ways and means to complete the activity, and replace it with a new activity structure and ways and means to complete the activity. Before the transformation is complete, the result is often at a standstill. This is because of the structure of transformation is often not easy, use the new methods will encounter new difficulties, so at the beginning of reconstruction, instead of improve performance may decrease, thus practicing curve stays at a fixed level or declined for the time being. When after the exercise, completed the transformation process, performance will improve.
IV, learning content increases. With the deepening of learning, learning content is changing, from the scope of knowledge of the capacity increase, judging from the extent of difficulty in understanding. This is all the more need for knowledge grasp, understand, skill, but also to grasp the knowledge between the parts and the relationship between various disciplines, forming a systematic knowledge network. If you have knowledge of earlier weak understanding through, using unfamiliar, it would be difficult to form a precise, rigorous, clear and coherent knowledge network, which will use this knowledge to solve the problem appeared to be inadequate, their study efficiency and academic performance would be difficult to continue to improve.
So, how to overcome the "plateau phenomenon" that intelligent children may be greater development, achieve better results?
First of all, strengthen motivation, keep a good mental state.
Motivation is an internal driving forces that push people to study directly, is a learning need, this need is social, family and school education to children learning objective requirements reflected in the child mind, it shows intentions, desires, interests and other forms of learning, learning plays a role. Learning motivation and clear learning objectives, strong desire is the most important part, to promote learning, overcoming "plateau phenomenon" has an important role. In fact, the "plateau phenomenon", and children desire to weaken, anxiety, impatience, rush associated.
Second, helping to improve learning methods.
Kids ever study habits and learning affect and restrict the learning results, therefore, to improve your score, you must calm reflection in learning what habits, which is helpful, you can continue to keep; what habits and methods are harmful and must be overcome and improved. Find cause and prescribe. Study of blindness and passiveness and derived some of the bad habits and methods is exactly what leads to academic achievement stagnant, to continue to improve an important reason. To improve results, change the status, you must get rid of these problems, strengthen the study and planning, autonomy. Again as, some children not first review by learn content but rush to do job, encountered problem not first independent thinking but eager to asked others, encountered reading understanding problem not himself seriously to do but, with teacher explained Shi remember answers, on do had of practice not note analysis and summary, and so on, these practices are is very harmful of, is not conducive to learning of, must seriously corrected.
Third, parents should be concerned about their children's learning, often communicate with the child study and life.
In the children's learning process, its shine in the learning behavior to be affirmed and encouraged, for error is not more to blame, but with children, analyse causes of errors and find a way to resolve. Parents should respect and understand your child, always let your child experience the success of efforts, children learn confidence could be enhanced with a view to achieving better results.
Lastly, exercise, enhance nutrition, keep energy, which is overcoming "plateau phenomenon" of one of the most important conditions.
Some parents on children's health and academic achievement will select grades, at this stage the main task is to improve the academic achievement of children and nutrition to keep up, but the time allocation is not so reasonable, so parents should pay attention to the child's life and learning is equally important. BACK