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Turns out: junior parents accompany "learn" more harm than good

Many grade parents to accompany their children do homework every night. Children parents and then do other things after a job completes. Child or not, parents say is the last resort for them. The author believes that this "company" little help to children's learning, there are many drawbacks.
First of all, "accompany" would be tantamount to putting pressure on children. Some children, own a home, the parents spoke softly, walking creep. When you do your homework, my mother sitting next to, while water and handed fruits. This is to let children can't concentrate, also increases the psychological pressure.
Secondly, the "accompanying" will let children dependent on emotions. Many children from the primary school developed in the practice of doing homework under the supervision of parents. So his parents job is completed successfully when parents are not around, the children immediately distracted, dragged on. Such depend on thinking and habits affect the child in the class play.
Again, the "accompanying" is not conducive to their child's learning consciousness and initiative. In fact, many parents accompany "learn" is also a last-ditch move, aim is good, but simple, and there are side effects. About education experts and teacher proposed "most important of is training children of learning consciousness, and initiative", on consciousness strong of children, completely without "accompany learn"; on self-discipline sex poor of children is to note improve they this aspects of capacity, like parents provides quiet of learning atmosphere, took dispersed attention of toy, and books, provides completed job of time, appropriate reminded,, slowly training children independent completed job of capacity.
In short, the "accompanying" is not conducive to improve independent learning ability of children, is not conducive to children's potential potential to play, so her parents accompany "learn" more harm than good, it is recommended that parents don't always accompany "learn". BACK