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Parents how to teach them to get rid of the bad habit of lying

Children as a child, parents should educate their children not to lie. Kid and the Wolf of the story we all know and understand that for a person to lie against how big it is. Children will lie mostly afraid the scolding of parents or teachers. Doing the wrong things, parents will blame the children or abuse children.
Children will lie, most of the reason is because the parents. A little thing wrong, for example, that parents will directly accuse them of, serious abuse kids, kids over time get used to lie in order to hide and get away with it. Some parents give too much pressure on children's learning, such as beating a good exam punishment such as children. The child regularly to hide their achievements.
Lie what does it mean? lie's cheating and deception in verbal performance. This kind of deception and cheating is most reprehensible, big words, direct or indirect harm to the nation, those corrupt officials, for instance, is the typical character of a habit of lying. Small words, enough to make personal bankruptcy.
First is the loss of self-esteem, a person without self-esteem, who lost self-esteem, not personally, lifelines were anything to do it. Second is the loss of credit, lack of sympathy and help of others, there had not been a "sheep and Wolf" story? when Shepherd first lie on the Hill yelling "Wolf," while others listened, hurried to catch Wolf on his, but he was just so proud, that fool people once. Where I know of such a lie, he sowed the seeds of promise, says Wolf, he panicked yell "crying wolf" when they thought he was lying, not to save him, and he filled were killed by wolves.
Lincoln said, "you can fool a small number of people, you can't fool most of the people; you can fool people of the time, you can't cheat in eternity. "How fair this is back!
Lying and that is not by accident that said, must develop a habit of lying, and this habit of lying most of the form. So I'm going to talk about how to make a child do not lie. To make children do not lie, you must first understand the child reasons for lying. Why do kids lie? I think:
(A) the child afraid of the scolding of parents or teachers: some parents when children do the wrong thing, they will have to scold a child or children. Children scold, then lying to cover up his mistake, which hide the parent or teacher of forgiveness, and second the third time did something wrong, they lie in order to obtain forgiveness.
(B) the escape from reality: sometimes children were not willing to do or not to do something, he called headache! Tummy ache! With all kinds of lies to deceive parents lie often a parent or teacher or teachers of compassion, so will often lie to excuse.
(C) the good name, to save face: one thing was not his doing, but said he did it, and may be rewarded, face, and then he lied; it was his doing, but do well, be afraid of losing face, and he said that he did not do, was lying.
(D) the greedy: a lot of kids in order to slander, to eat, lie, and children in order to get a high score or a prize, cheated at the exams also insisted that their talent so superior. This is for the sake of greedy.
Parents, children's education but there are a lot of knowledge in it, in this do you feel confused? Did you encounter any difficulties and problems? Join the parents Forum, there are excellent parents ' education experiences and education experts to give you effective proposals, if you encounter this problem, please don't hesitate to put questions, people more power, I believe we will be able to give you effective solutions should parents do?
The reason why children lie knew, then how to correct him, and cultivate the habit of honesty?
The first to understand the child: the child would like to do, what to do, what each one wants, you have to understand. Understand children's psychology and ability, and let him do it. In the process, you have to help him to discover problems, things do work to overcome difficulties, and rewards. To eliminate the motivation behind his lie, encouraged him to do it honestly.
Second hinted: hinted has two species, a is are of hinted, such as has two small children in with, a is honest of, another is like lies of, you to on that honest of children award, award he, makes that lies of children moved, on honest of road; second a is anti-of hinted, such as you of children run to report you a thing Shi, you to trust he, don't said; "really of did, you don't cheat I Ah" If you such said, in children of heart Shang, on species Xia a lies of seed, Thought the lie could have cheated. We must apply the hinted to touch a child, don't use hints to stimulate child lying motives.
Third example: to set an example for parents or teachers, to do the honest thing, don't lie in front of children. We know kids imitate the most. The answer will follow. Sometimes you can tell his honest children's story, for example, Washington as a child, the cherry tree story. One day, Washington cut down a cherry tree in the garden, his father knew this, so angry that Washington rushed to acknowledge, saying he cut. At this time his father not only did not blame him, but commended him, encourage him to want something like this to be honest. Washington after everything is done honestly, never lie, end to a great career. Such stories, you can speak to toddlers, take his example the characters in the story. One example is bad, for example, a mother to play cards, does not wish to entertain guests, told his children: "If you have guests, you said that her mother was not at home. "Guests come, children will follow his mother lied:" mother is not at home. "This is a bad example, it's easy to get kids into the habit habit of lying. He can do as mother to deceive customers, naturally he can according to their own means to deceive others, even his own mother. So we need to be role models, bad examples don't do.
These three points, we parents and teachers of note anywhere, anytime, and make sure that children don't lie, establish good habits.
Parents in family education, the most important thing is to lead by example. Commitment to children must do it, so that the child will develop say the habit. There is more to children, understand them, problem solved. So what's wrong with kids will tell you, there would be no act of lying. BACK