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Remember eight gold, happy children in family education

Continue to give your children to praise is very important advice, but the praise must be targeted. Children learning in a happy, happy growing. How to develop happy family, our parents and friends need to keep in mind:
First, actively talking about yourself in the end a disturbing was exhausted after working all day, it's part of life. However, in such a State, telling your child about your job makes you happy and makes you unhappy is very important. His vision and enthusiasm, he thought: "if I work hard, I'll be as successful as my mother. "If you're stuck in a boring job, and does nothing to share with their children, then told him, if you are unable to obtain certain qualifications or academic qualifications, you will not be able to find an interesting job. Sometimes children will never want to live like the parents find motivation in the idea.
Second, let them do the things they like from time to time if kids can get sufficient parental encouragement, they will thrive. Often directed at children shouted: "you're doing there? "Parents like they stabbed a child's mind like a sword, will bring great harm to children's psychological. We all need time to relax, listen to music, or doing nothing, just in a daze. And then, when the "battery" when you charged back, we will be in high spirits, ready to face the next challenge. Child as well.
Three children, and commended the role of give you praise is very important advice, but the praise must be targeted. Children are not stupid. If he showed you his had just done something, you just said the word "nice", he would know that you don't really notice him and his achievements. You should say is: "I like you very much discussed in the articles this way, this very thought-provoking. "Or," you play the scales is very smooth. "And so on. So children know you really very interested in his little, next time he will try harder to do in order to win you praise.
Four, accepting him if you are interested in is whether or not your child is the best speaker in the class, then you expect too much. Every child according to their speed of development and growth. Compare your child with other children led him to believe that, if he could do something to learn, according to a specific standard, he was a loser. And this is if your child seems to have some talent in painting or sport, as parents you should give him every opportunity to develop his talent.
Persecution is wrong and encourage is beneficial. Don't let him when a child can't go to run. However, if he wants to run again, you should give him the help you can give.
Five, explain your reasons if you do not want your child to give up piano education, because you're sure this is good for him, so what would you do? Whatever you want to do, never rush your child shouting, yelling to scold him. After shouting a few minutes, he would no longer have to listen to what you say. Conversely, if your resistance down and explain to him why you think that continuing training is important, he might turn to agree with your view of God. Even if he does not agree with does not matter, he may well have their own views. Parents should listen to the views of children, and tells him that no matter what he did, what he learned in his collection of experiences, never wasted.
Six, give the child a choice to allow children in accordance with their own interests to do something is very important, this is one of the best ways to help them succeed. If you let the child feel she has the freedom to choose to learn to do aerobics or ballet, she will be hard to do those two things, she selected one.
However, in this case she will need your support. To cite an example, while your child is willing to orchestra rehearsal on Saturday morning, but if you don't take her to, and she still has the potential to interrupt or give up. Most children a wide range of interests and hobbies, so parents have to put on this. Unless the difference in this child, or children will lose focus of attention, no longer concentrate on my work and instead decided to go watch TV or the children in the game.
Reward for seven, wise parents will promise if done well in the exam, he would get a bike; if you do well on the test, nothing to it. In fact, this child is a terrible attitude. It made the children become very restless before the exam, thinking of the exam at stake, but once they did not do well in the exam, you will become sullen. In theory, well done is a reward in itself, but in fact, if there is some kind of material exist, most children will behave very well. Therefore, the recommendations urge parents not to give your kids admitted to a reward, if they do well, they should be given a small gift to show appreciation and encouragement. Doing so is actively promoting, but if they failed to achieve the intended goals, will not face too much.
Eight, to find whether there are hidden in secret problem this sounds self-evident. But in fact, if you ask your child why suddenly unwilling to participate in group activities or unwilling to do homework? Maybe he'll be asked to say--he was bullied by bad boy, he didn't like his teacher, and so on.
A good environment is equally important. Some attention is most concentrated in the quiet room, and some hilarious context. If your child says he does not like to be alone in your room, then let him in on the edge of the kitchen table doing homework. If the children become unmotivated, he would usually have a good reason. BACK