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Parents how to use lazy kids write a good essay

Children how to write a good essay, it's destined to be a very troublesome problem. Regardless of whether the child in this regard have talent, we as parents, can uphold the principle of "never abandon, never give up" principle, do your best to help children. Based on this, I wanted to give was puzzled parents a proposal, one way is not the way: let your child read to you every day three good composition, or recite a piece as well.
This approach has the following main points:
One is "read", but not "read", and reading aloud is a difference, though it is a cumulative, but reading aloud is eye, ear, brain, several organ works, theory should be more impressed with children, more likely to wake up memories.
Information was selected as the second reading of articles should not be too long, graceful rhythm classics are naturally preferred. If purpose is for small rose early, and tests or entrance, is can targeted is strong of selected some tests, and entrance full marks composition as read material, read have more has, children will is natural to can from which found some examination of feel and skills, if parents has capacity, also can with analysis those full marks composition but where, even cannot specific guide, also can guide children asked asked himself, thinking thinking, over time, must will has harvest.
Is read or recited in the course of his three children, remember not to combat children's enthusiasm, to optimize the use of "appreciation" and "praise", encouraged and kid, let the child "a sense of accomplishment." Once the child's interest has been aroused, your troubles will come on his head.
This "reading" should be more action-oriented, without spending a lot of time, a few minutes more than 10 minutes to complete, and can also arrange a time, such as you can cook, listen to your children around you read, memorized, and can also arrange to send him on his way to school, also exercise the children's memory. Literacy for parents is not required, as long as you listen, pay attention to praise, stimulating children's interest in reading it. About the practicality of it, "read the 300 Tang poems, not poem will sing", this sentence should be included, after the children go to school, "read" the sooner children's benefits should be greater. This method is in the "stick", although only spend 10 minutes a day, simple, everyone can do the easy, but really want to stick with perseverance, but not everyone can do it.
This method comes from an exam's outstanding teachers at the front. A friend of her desperation, in the tests that year, his "disappointing" son entrusted to her. She is in helpless zhixia, came up with has this not approach of approach, daily insisted let that children in she before read three article full marks composition (tests of, entrance of), continued a semester yihou, children of composition level by leaps and bounds, and so and heavy tree confidence, radiation to other all aspects--children like is for has a a people, and composition is into has he of maximum advantage.
Can be called good writing, no other two prominent, not exquisite diction conception is profound, and has a unique appeal. To break in two, are inseparable from the "build", "play" is an accumulation of "reading" is also a kind of accumulation, but accumulation is from "thinking." "Play" to thinking about experience, "reading" sentiment in his thinking. BACK