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Tutor tutor Web-Gui Linsi sharp consulting company specializing in Guilin Guilin tutor, English tutor in Guilin, Guilin, math tutoring, language tutor in Guilin, Guilin part-time tutoring, one-on-one tutoring in Guilin, Guilin scientists teach elementary school tutor, Guilin, Guilin junior middle school tutor, Guilin high school tutor, welcome to contact!
Gui Linsi Rui tutor consulting mainly to "one to one" family counselling, youth education, culture and art exchanges, education and training advisory, consulting for the development, the company relies on good relations of cooperation with various institutions, adhere to the "people-oriented, quality first" purpose, establish a good brand image in the education sector and the community.
"One-on-one" tutor type counselling is thought sharp tutor of main brand, focused Yu provides full full one-on-one personalized counselling, combined years of line education experience and subject research, and psychological research, for cities in the pupils psychological and the learning features, implementation effective of counselling programme, by experience rich of teachers one-on-one taught, effective do subject and psychological phase combined, knowledge taught and method, and thinking training both, we not only has advanced of teaching concept, and created has boutique education team, Invited a number of key middle school, high school teachers teaching, teachers at all levels are experienced teachers, teaching experience, goal to grasp accurately. As our guidance, student achievement increased in learning attitude and methods and habits have greatly improved.